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The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has shaken up the global economy. Every single individual and the small business firm has felt its impact. Walking through this uncharted space has been challenging for most business owners, as they had to come up with ways to combat this crisis. It is not the time for impulsive and short-sighted strategies or decisions that might affect business success long-term when the world becomes pandemic free.

Michael Giannulis shares easy marketing tips

Currently, small business owners should concentrate on all their initiatives to market their brand. All small businesses can’t create revenue. However, that doesn’t indicate these businesses can’t provide value to their target customers and remain relevant using digital marketing. Michael Giannulis suggests a few survival tactics:

  1. Outline how your small business can help

Your customers will remember you not for the promises, but the services. The number of customers visiting your store will be less for a while. Hence, it would help if you found a way to deliver your services and products virtually. When a prospective customer lands on your business page, they usually ponder to realize what they want. Hence, it is an excellent decision to browse, assess, and check whether your business successfully addresses customer requirements. It is a perfect time to get engaged in recreating a self-promo and concentrate on offering support, comfort, and value to consumers.

  1. Connect to your loyal customers

Do all your loyal consumers know you have reopened? If not, then its time to connect with them and notify them. Also, it would help if you thought of ways to gain successful leads for revenue generation. Let your customers know that you are accepting orders. Refer to the customer database and start sending emails or making calls to your customers.

  1. Have empathy during brand promotion

Most people crave emotional connection during this time of stress and tension. Hence, small business brands that move out of their way to understand their customers’ needs will always experience a good brand recall. It starts with a clear communication channel with customers who thrive on honesty and transparency. 

  1. Learn about financial assistance

Many start-ups and small businesses are concerned about financial decisions. Governments across the globe have come up with grants and other monetary assistance to help small businesses. For instance, if you want a loan, options like Business Bounce-back Loans are a wise option that provides anything between $2600 to $65000 and a turnover of 25%. Such loans have zero interest for 12 months, with an interest rate of 2.5%, which is very low. This funding is adequate to rebuild small business firms that suffered due to the pandemic outbreak.

Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak is making small businesses rethink their business decisions. Most of them take time to assess whether to opt-in for an added marketing push or invest in a smart business technology that will take their services online. It is time to be relevant and work on your strengths while finding ways to help the customers. The steps mentioned above can help small businesses to reshape their marketing initiatives during this phase.