Social Studies Jokes

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ASSESSMENT: This is a quick, great activity for students to learn a little about the process of becoming a U.S. citizen. Liberty Belle gives feedback on each decision, reinforcing the learning. The activity is great for middle school students and an awesome review for high school students.

Incoming immigrants appear on the bottom of the screen and the student needs to place the immigrant in the correct port. The student reads the immigrant’s story and places the person in the correct port.

Harbor Guide / Port Options:

Born in the USA (Bryce Sprungstain)

Citizen Parents

Permission to Work

Marriage to a Citizen

Seeking Refuge

Day #1: 2 boats

Day #2: 3 boats

Day #3: 4 boats

Day #4: 6 boats

Day #5: 6 boats

Day #6: 10 boats

Once the game is completed the game end results are posted!

Game End Results

total sent correctly 31 X 50

Perfect days 4 X 100

Total sent incorrectly 2

Total points 1,950

Once the game is completed the students have the 2 options: continue or view certificate. Teachers may want to see the completed certificate before a student moves to another activity.

View certificate

Play Time: 14:10

Impact: Points 1950

Date: Thu 12/4/14 10:40

Miscategorized cases 1

Wrongly turned away 1

Harbors                  Correct / total

Born in the USA              6/6

Citizen Parents                4/5

Permission to Work        5/5

Marriage to a Citizen       4/4

Seeking Refuge                 3/4

Student can PRINT the certificates to show completion of the activity.