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Old Psychology Lessons & Ideas


  1. Teaching: Can A High School Teacher Really Learn 100+ Student Names in 1 Week?
  2. High School Psychology Pre-Test
  3. Psychology Day #1: Dead Poet’s Society and a Bucket List!
  4. APA On-Line Psychology Lab: AWESOME Psychology Activities!

Sensation and Perception

  1. Psychology Lesson: The Phaonmneal Pweor of the Hmuan Mnid


  1. Create a Psychology Class “Hall of Fame”

Memory & Thought

4th of July Quiz

Learning (15)

  1. Pavlov’s Dog Experiment: Amazing Nobel Prize Psychology Lesson!
  2. What I Have Learned
  3. Psychology Lesson: Mnemonic Devices for Classical Conditioning
  4. Psychology Lesson: Classical Conditioning Hopping Activity
  5. Psychology: Video Clips for Teaching Classical Conditioning
  6. Classical Conditioning: The Office
  7. Seabiscut: Applied Psychology using Classical Conditioning
  8. Pavlov’s Dog & Classical Conditioning: Great Video Clip
  9. Shocking Psychology Experiment: Little Albert & Classical Conditioning
  10. Guest Blog: Teaching Classical Conditioning to High School Students
  11. High School Psychology Lesson: Personal Learning Experiences
  12. Unique Psychology Lesson: Learning How to Catch Quarters (Hall of Fame for Top Scorers)
  13. Psychology Lesson: Learned Helplessness
  14. Classical Conditioning Quiz
  15. Harvard Experiment: You are the Best
  16. 3 Factors That Affect Learning

The Brain (2)

  1. Severed Corpus Callosum Videos
  2. Phineas Gage: GREAT CLiIP

Memory (10)

  1. Madagascar, Yogi Bear, and Short-Term Memory
  2. Psychology Lesson: Short-Term Memory Test
  3. Psychology Lesson: Short-Term Memory & Telephone Sentences
  4. Kenny Chesney “I Go Back”: Psychology, Songs, & Memories
  5. Psychology Lessons: “Memories of….”
  6. Psychology Lesson: Memory Bank

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Interactive Psychology Lessons

PsychInquiry: 37 Great High School Psychology Activities

Introduction to High School Psychology Lessons (3)

Write it Forward: Letters of Appreciation (7)

  1. Psychology Lesson: Write it Forward
  2. Write it Forward: Letter of Appreciation
  3. Grandparents Day Letter: Write it Forward (101 Grandparents Day Quotes) (September)
  4. Psychology Lesson: Great Feedback from Just 1 Letter!
  5. Write it Forward! Great Feedback from Strangers
  6. Write it Forward: World Smile Day (October 2nd)
  7. World Smile Day Feedback

Memory (10)

Great Oprah Video: Repressed Memories & Multiple Personality Disorder

“Bad” Psychology Lesson: Feature Extraction & U2

Selective Attention: 2 Great Awareness Tests

Psychology Lesson: Chunking in Short-Term Memory

Psychology Interactive: PsychInquiry Chunking in Short-Term Memory

Psychology Interactive: PsychInquiry Implicit Memory

Psychology Interactive: The Tip-of-the-Tongue Experience

Thought (3)

  1. Psychology Lesson: A Thinking Quiz
  2. Psychology Lesson: Get U2 on Stage!
  3. Psychology Lesson: Thought “If…..”

Motivation and Emotion (9)

  1. Eric Thomas: How Bad Do You Want It?
  2. Mr. B: A Truly Amazing Teacher
  3. Excellent End of the Year Lesson: Too Busy for a Friend
  4. Michael Jordan: NBA Hall of Fame Speech
  5. Motivation and 3 Ounces (by Ron White)
  6. Emotions: Mother Discusses Losing 10-year-old son to a gun accident
  7. Too Busy for a Friend (Great End of the Year Activity)

Sensation and Perception (3)

  1. Is Spelling REALLY important? Read this!
  2. The Phaonmneal Pweor of the Hmuan Mnid
  3. Perception Stories

Great Motivational Speeches (7)

  1. Dennis Lehane: It’s About Honor
  2. Michael Jordan: NBA Hall of Fame Speech
  3. Abraham Lincoln: “I Do the Best I Know How”
  4. Eric Thomas: How Bad Do You Want It?
  5. Amazing Motivational Speech: “Give Me ALL You’ve Got!”
  6. Jimmy V Speech: 1993 Jim Valvano ESPY Speech
  7. The Jimmy V Speech: Great Classroom Activities

Great Books for Psychology (3)

  1. The Last Lecture is a Great Teaching Tool!
  2. 25 Activities for Teachers to Use with The Last Lecture
  3. A Great Teaching Resource: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

Great DVDs for Psychology (3)

  1. Oprah’s 20th Anniversary DVD: A Great Psychology Resource
  2. Psychology DVD: A Child’s Brain: From Syllable to Sound
  3. Pay It Forward: A Great DVD for Teens
  1. PsychInquiry: 37 Great High School Psychology Activities