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Property in Spain

Located on the Costa Blanca, the resort town of Benidorm attracts the attention of tourists from different countries and is the largest tourist city in Alicante. Many foreigners come here not only to relax during the holiday season, but also to buy property in Benidorm.

Life in Spain

Statistics say that the number of foreigners who choose picturesque Spain as their place of residence is steadily growing. About a billion euros were spent by them on the purchase of real estate in this state. It should be noted that the Spanish authorities also meet and offer buyers profitable projects. Property prices are also currently falling. This is partly due to rising unemployment in the country. So now, probably, is the best time to invest in the real estate in Spain.

What is the standard of living in Spain? Some sources report that among the countries of Europe, Spain ranks second after France, having a high standard of living for the country’s population. The studies carried out covered such categories as the level of income and health care costs, the cost of utilities, the cultural sector, etc. Spain also leads in terms of vacation duration, which is 39 days per year. Life expectancy in the country is also high.

Real estate in Spain

Property buyers in Benidorm are attracted by the climate, the opportunity to buy housing in the centre or by the sea, the cleanest and safest beaches in the region.

Benidorm is considered one of the best resorts on the Costa Blanca. In general, this is not the “cheapest” city on the Costa Blanca, but the cost of housing is fully justified by very high investment attractiveness. It is also called the “golden”, as well as the Spanish Las Vegas, because it is here that you can spend a chic vacation.

Since this resort town is international and becomes a home for people of different nationalities, Germans, Belgians, British, Austrians and other foreigners decide to buy real estate here.

Real estate prices in the “golden” resort town are constantly rising, which allows you to get a decent difference if you sell the property in the future.

The city has different types of housing:

  • villas;
  • bungalow;
  • townhouses;
  • studios;
  • apartments.

Investment attractiveness of Benidorm

Benidorm has a unique location on the Mediterranean coast and a favorable climate. Here most of the time the sun shines, and the summer is long and hot. So for beach lovers and those who do not like cold and bad weather, the resort will be an ideal place for a vacation, as well as a permanent residence.

The value of the property will depend on its type, location, year of construction. The most expensive will be new properties built using modern technologies and materials, the price per square meter in new properties will vary from €2500 – 4000.

A large selection of real estate will allow you to buy a house or apartment with a beautiful view of the sea or mountains. It is now possible to make the dream of living in Spain a reality! Benidorm is one of the five largest settlements in the province of Alicante. 90,000 people live permanently in Benidorm, but in the summer season the population increases five times at once.

Foreigners are actively buying housing in Benidorm (most often this is done by the Belgians, Germans and British). Over the past decade, the volume of real estate purchased by citizens of other countries in Benidorm has tripled.

Many property buyers in Benidorm are attracted because the city is the entertainment capital of the Costa Blanca in the Kingdom of Spain: restaurants and cabarets, nightclubs and noisy entertainment.

Benidorm is distinguished by high-rise buildings. 8 of its skyscrapers are among the twenty tallest in the country.

Benidorm has three sandy beaches at once: clean and wide. Their total length exceeds 5 km. Buying a home near Playa de Levante is good for those who love crowds and fireworks of entertainment, Playa de Poniente is the choice of those who aim for a quiet family vacation.

The cost of real estate in Benidorm can be called acceptable by European standards. Sale of apartments starts from the amount of €70,000-80,000. For this money you can buy an apartment of 50 square meters with one bedroom.

Prices for houses and villas start from €300,000. Buyers will have access to 2-3 bedrooms, a swimming pool and a terrace.

Property for sale in Spain

By contacting the specialists, you can become the owner of elite or budget housing in the city, where cosmopolitanism, modern infrastructure and Spanish flavor are organically combined. Spain-Real.Estate will be happy to help you choose and buy an elite or budget housing option. The catalog contains hundreds of real estate options, so every client who applied will be able to become the owner of his apartment or house.