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As long as you or your nail artist is creative enough, there are a lot of nail designs that you can have fun exploring throughout the year. Different designs can be twisted and derived from aspects such as different nail polishes and artwork. You can derive a design that best represents your personality based on your personality and preferences.

There is always a nail design to represent every event, season, or mood. You can have definitive designs based on the length of the nails too. Some designs are considered formal, while others are considered casual. The design you settle for should be determined by aspects such as your daily life endeavors, not forgetting your personal choices. Here are some cute nail designs you can try out.

  1. Velvet Art Tips

The definitive feature in this design I the velvet art featured on the top. This cute art can be done on any nail length, and it is a good idea for those that find it hard to settle on a specific polish color during their manicure appointment.

You can also rock in this design if you have several favorite colors that you need to be featured in your manicure.

The art is more concentrated on the tips of the nails. This makes it stand out without appearing like a color crush for the different colors used, as it would be if the art were featured on the whole nail.

You can wear velvet nail designs for both casual and formal occasions. It is however important to ensure that the manicure coordinates with what you choose to wear from your wardrobe.

  1. Checkboard 

If you like how a checkboard looks, you can have it done on your manicure as a piece of art. For the best finish, the art should be featured on the tips and done by an experienced artist. You should always consider someone with any year of experience in the arts requiring more attention because getting the unexpected finish could be frustrating.

This could idea can be done on any length of the nail and can also be worn for either casual or formal events.

  1. The French Tips

The French manicure is considered one of the most timeless manicures. It was basically about having a line on the tip done in a different color from the rest of the nail. Currently, the French manicure can be done in so many ways depending on personal preferences.

  1. Mismatched Design

The definitive feature of this idea is getting different nail designs for the two hands. For example, if you have two favorite colors, you can have one color on the one hand and the second favorite color on the other hand.

This idea gives you the opportunity to use even colors that do not necessarily coordinate. This idea can be worn for any event, but make sure to coordinate the colors with your outfits since not all outfits may match the two different colors. 

  1. Black and White Flowers

As mentioned earlier, nail ideas are all about creativity. If you are a lover of black and white color, as it is with most people, you can try out this cute design. A blend of black and white is not only cool but also graphic.

For this amazing idea, the definitive feature is the flower artwork which gives your manicure pass some more feminine vibes. You can use black for the base coat and white for the flower artwork and vice versa. You can also blend the colors as per your preference.

  1. Butterfly Nails

Just like tattoos, you can also get butterfly nails. The butterfly artwork needs a very experienced person and may demand a lot of patience. If you are not open to waiting for long to have the art done, there is an alternative to getting butterfly stickers.

You can combine the butterfly art with any kind of manicure you want as the base coat. You can add French tips for a more defined finish.

  1. Smiley Face Art Nails

Having emoji nail designs are nothing but trendy and cool. This idea features a smiley face as the artwork. You can have any emoji done as art on your nails.