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Congratulations on being a high school graduate! Even though you don’t want to hear it, now comes the tricky part. College! It is all fun and games till you have to go away for further education. Even the concept might be new and scary to you, but it is more of a right of passage. Everyone has to go through these stages of growing up to discover their true nature and find the passion that drives them. While college is all about having different fun experiences, you also need to keep yourself updated and learn all you can for your future professional life. 

Learn how to get the best of both, merrymaking AND knowledge in college! 


While many states in the United States provide distinguished university options right from Ivy league to public colleges, California has 54 such choices! With severe competition in many reputable colleges like Berkeley, Stanford, University of California, San Diego State University, and more, finding the perfect study to fun ratio can be difficult. To make things easier for you, finding a room for rent in San Francisco Bay Area, around these campus, might be the best solution for you in line with your professional and personal commitments. After reading this article, you can explore all the best ways to make your college years memorable. 

Without further ado, here are the 5 best ways to learn and have fun while you’re in college, 

  1. Find a room for rent outside the campus 

As we discussed earlier, a sure shot way to increase your fun quotient in college is to find a rental room in California near your campus instead of staying in a dorm room. Why? This is because getting a room for rent has its own sets of benefits. The first and most obvious advantage is the fact that you will be your own boss. 

The second and most crucial advantage is that with freedom comes immense responsibility. You will soon find that all the freedom in the world goes to waste if you don’t keep yourself in check. You will have many choices to make and no one else to blame but yourself for all the bad ones you make. While we learn the best from the mistakes we make, to correct them and be a renewed person is a more challenging path. It will teach you many things about life that no university course can ever put in words.

Experience without any bubble-wrapping is the real essence of life. Live the authentic college-life by finding a room for rent, and we assure you, it’ll be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make! For instance, the San Francisco Bay area is a hub to some of the most distinguished universities and colleges in America. It houses the eminent Stanford University, Berkeley University, California State University, to name a few. Thus, if you are a student from any of these universities or any other universities/college in California, you can look up online and rent a room in San Francisco and explore all opportunities that the area has to offer. You can even consider to rent a room in SF with a roommate for sharing the rent, having a fun-filled roommate experience, and so much more! There are various roommate finders in San Francisco available online where you can share your rental space in SF with another like-minded soul.

2. Intern alongside your studies

With all the courses you’ll be taking at university, having an internship or part-time job to help you turn theoretical knowledge into practical skills is very important. While the additional income will help keep you comfortable if you’re renting a room in California or other expensive localities in America. It will also give you a sense of pride because you are earning your means. For instance, if you are a student in any one of the aforementioned prestigious universities and plan on opting for off-campus housing, then taking up an internship is a smart option. Given that rooms for rent in San Francisco are relatively more expensive, an internship opportunity would be not only a learning exposure but also a side-income to enjoy a good Californian lifestyle!

The vital part is that learning during an internship is immense. You will also come across many like-minded people who like you, believe in the hustle, and want to make their mark on the world. These are the kind of people you should surround yourself with, as it will give you an additional push to be your best self in college. You’ll be surprised how motivating the right company can be! 

Hustle to build upon industrial skills. 


You might also end up finding a roommate for your rental room to have a work and study partner! 

3. Have a fixed reading goal for the day 

While juggling between the numerous university classes and your part-time work opportunities, many of us get too lazy to keep reading and updating ourselves. Instead of watching the latest Netflix original series, even if it is just on the weekend, try to catch up on some reading. 

Reading your favorite genre of novels or studying for a vital paper reading is essential during college. It helps to focus your attention on a particular subject, and at the same time entertains you like no other media! Make books your best friends and see the difference in your personality and decision -making abilities. If you have a luxurious library on campus like the University of California in San Diego does, you can borrow books and take them back to your rental home in San Diego. Make sure to return them on time, or you might end up paying a hefty fine! 

This might not be the most conventional way of having fun in college, but nothing can beat the warm fuzzies of a powerful book that you can resonate with, wordsmith or not! Moreover, reading is that thing of beauty that you can enjoy forever. This is not only a rejuvenating getaway from the college curriculum but also a powerful tool that helps shape your future in more ways than one. You can count on that!

4. Make better choices

While being in college, you will come across a myriad of choices. Since this is an early introduction to adulthood, you must make the right selection all by yourself. Do you really need to throw that expensive frat party in your rental room in California when you have a test coming up? Sometimes, taking the wrong path might lead to you knowing how to manage your time more efficiently. Like in this example, if you choose to go to the frat party, you might be left with just a few hours to cover the syllabus required for the test. You can still ace it by putting your maximum effort in the little time you have left. 

College is all about having fun and learning, both in their own time. Never sacrifice experiences for a better grade or vice versa, or you might never get to relive your life again. In the words of a college student, YOLO! 

5. Join various clubs in college

Take the center stage and face your fears for a better tomorrow! 


The chances are that your university has a lot of extra-curricular clubs and groups that you can be a part of. This is not only an excellent way to gain more credits for your course, but it helps you to explore your hobbies in a better light. Maybe you’ve always been interested in drama but been too shy actually to go on to the stage. Join the drama club to let go of that stage fear and bring to life a whole new personality! You have nothing to lose from this, and it is always advised to explore yourself in college, and what better way to do so than to put yourself on the spot? 

Now that you’re all prepared to live the best college life whether you are renting a room in California, or staying with some relatives in NYC, enjoy every little moment to the fullest. The clock is ticking, but life isn’t a race so take it as it comes!