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This a a fun activity that can be completed in a few ways. Completing the activity as a class has worked well for some teachers. The activity with motivated students also can be completed indivcidually. Before using the activity a teacher should complete the activity independently to see if the content is appropriate for the students. (May work best on google Chrome) 

Pre-Activity Writing prompt: 

Explain a very important decision you have made in your life. 

Ideas: Getting a job, playing / quitting a sport / hobby / instrument, attending a camp / overnight camp, getting a tutor, course selection, running for a student council position)  

  1. What was the situation and decison? 
  2. What were your choices?
  3. What was your process in coming to a decision?  What were the most important factors in making your decision?
  4. Did you receive any critical advice from others?
  5. Looking back on the decision, reflect on it from your perspective today?

When teaching as a class, older teachers can date themselves by making reference to the Brady Bunch or Hollywood Squares. When completing the activity as a class, call on students to select the person who the class will hear from next. 

Process of hearing perspectives:

  • Choose a student to select a person
  • Have the students write down the name of the individual
  • Play the perspective
  • Have students determinine whether the person is pro-war or anti-war. Also have the student identify the main reasoning for the position. 

The curriculum from the National Parks Service also has a worksheet that can be photocopied that can accomplish the same objective.