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You already made a vital decision by choosing A-level economics as a subject of study. Everyone knows that the knowledge of economics transcends academic value by equipping students with suitable skills for the real world. However, it would help if you made extra effort when preparing for an A-level H2 economics exam. The subject demands a more profound exploration of the topics. Many things can be from H1 Economics, but these will have additional dimensions. For example, you will deal with how companies work, manufacture, and optimise profits. You will be exposed to market structures demonstrating monopoly and competition. Much knowledge will also be available regarding Singapore’s financial engagements with other countries, international trade, and globalisation. 

With so much on your plate, it can take time to understand where to begin to do well in the H2 exams. One easy way is to enrol in the best economics tuition. The right tutor can make you aware of all the essential qualities required for excelling in these exams. Here is a brief insight into this.

  • Content mastery

Knowledge of the subject will be your stronghold. A proficient tutor will see how much you know your syllabus. They will test your efficiency to help you understand where you stand. You can expect them to give you notes for every troublesome topic, such as market structures, mechanisms, and failures. 

  • Examination skills 

Application, analysis, and evaluation are three elements that can make you shine in your JC Econs exams. A good tutor will help you overcome your fear of exams and uncertainties by showing how the process works. They will acclimatise you with the question-and-answer formats so you can apply your learning quickly and suitably.

  • Time management

When you take tuition, you also learn to manage your time while answering questions during the exams through writing exercises. Such setups allow you to internalise the methods rather than memorise them. Other crucial aspects include differentiating between higher-order and lower-order thinking. 

A high level of thinking refers to the ability to evaluate, analyse, and apply, while the other concerns comprehension and knowledge. Studies show that high-order thinking skills can contribute to about 80% of test scores. If you lag in evaluation, analysis, and application, excelling in the A-level JC H2 Economics can remain a dream. Unfortunately, many Singaporean students don’t know about this aspect. Their results also paint a disappointing picture. However, what will happen if you get this early awareness?

Going to a proper tuition for Economics exams can be a life-changing decision. If you do well in your H2 Econs, you can live your dream of becoming a company CEO or a start-up entrepreneur. These will no longer be your imagination after you clear the exams. With a strong foundation in economics, you can realise your goals. Your knowledge of markets, international trade, and economic policies will lead you to a successful journey. However, ensure that you train under only a certified tutor with sufficient experience and understanding of the subject. Fees can be an essential deciding factor, but an authentic place will charge reasonably. If they provide original notes and other necessary materials, you can take a quick call about using their services.