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Please Share!

Writing a blog is a great way to bring visitors to a website and twitter is our #1 method for sharing our posts.
How do you write a blog?

  1. Start! It does not have to be perfect. Once you start to write it becomes easier. Start small, then expand.
  2. Write about what you know and love. We have had some interesting posts, but the core of the posts is what we know and love: lesson plans, special learning days, twitter, jokes, quotes, and basketball. Some are more detailed, and others are simply lists.
  3. Be Creative. One of our most unique blogs is about having the Worst Twitter Account in the World. It is a very bad account, but it is improving and we will be sharing our progress over the next 56 weeks.
  4. Share with others. We always try to share our posts with others to get feedback and the possibly typo or two. It is not the end of the world if there is a slpeling matiske because research has shown that words can be read even if the entire word is misspelled as long as the first and last letter is correct. Read this blog: Is Spelling REALLY important?
  5. Stay with it. Before long you may have people waiting with bated breath for you next post. We have several guest blogs that fall into this category. With time you will see the words come much easier.

Best of luck! Please check out our twitter page to see how a few blogs now can become a page that brings value to your site.