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Going to school for the first time in your life is quite a serious stage for a baby and a very exciting moment for parents, especially if the child is the first. Sometimes, in the process of preparing for school, parents may have a lot of fears and questions. We hope that in this article you will find some answers to your questions and reduce fears and uncertainties. 

Mode of the day 

There comes a time when responsibility is gradually imposed on the little student. Homework, tests, dictations and many other tasks. In order to bear such responsibility, the child needs his or her own resources. 

Be sure to follow the daily routine. A well-rested child reacts more calmly to difficulties, feels more confident and makes the right decisions faster. In the first class, it is advisable to keep an afternoon nap. It will not be as long as it was in kindergarten. But if the kid is very tired, let him or her sleep for an hour after returning from school.

Try to create the most comfortable conditions for the student at least for the first time. Take him or her to school or give a lift by car. This saves time and gives you an extra half hour to sleep in the morning. If you don’t have your own car, try to rent a car. Car rental services are good because you can find any car in almost any civilized area of the world. We can find car rental business bay Dubai, car rental in the city of London and Paris, renting cars in Berlin and so on. Surely there is such an option in your city, find out and make your routine more comfortable. 


A student’s workplace can become his main fear and the most unpleasant place, or it can be a place of inspiration and tranquility. 

First: separate the play and work areas.  

Explain to the child that there is no place for toys in the learning area. Favorite cars and dolls will move to the play area so as not to distract the child.

You shouldn’t overdo it either. Do not remove all the usual games and toys from the room of a freshly baked student, because a serious life begins. The first class is stress, and the usual things help the child to cope with it.

Additional education 

If it is unusual for your child to attend additional clubs, courses and sections, then in the first grade you should not arrange extra stress. The main task of a first grader is to adapt to school life. Everything else is secondary. 

If your child goes to a section where he already knows a teacher, friends, familiar loads, then additional education will fit into a new stage. But if a first-grader, getting used to a teacher, classmates, lessons and discipline, will also have to join extracurricular activities outside of school, then the fragile child’s psyche may not be able to withstand such a burden. It is not worth risking the psycho-emotional state of the child!

Parents should remember 

Let’s finish the list of recommendations with an important tip. Parents should remember that a sober attitude to the abilities of a child is the key to an adequate perception by a student of his academic successes and failures. There is no need to demand high grades from the child in those areas where he or she is not interested or is not strong. 

Ask a first grader not how he answered in class today, but what interesting things happened during the school day and what new things the child learned. When a kid is afraid that he will be scolded for the received marks, and can not be supported, the child will hide his or her mistakes from you until the end.

Let these recommendations be useful to you and form the basis of your view on the new stage of your baby’s life. Be attentive, respect your child’s feelings and support him. We wish you an easy adaptation!