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If you are thinking about becoming a doctor then surely the question of whether you should do a pre-med degree is the right way to go. There is no perfect education path that sets you up to become a doctor. There are always a number of paths that can take you to the best place.

Which is actually a good thing. This way you can choose the way that is best for you and your personal situation. For some, going for a related undergrad degree like biology is the best bet. For others, it makes sense to start right out of high school with pre-med. There are benefits to both so we’ll have to take some time to analyze the options.

In this article, I will go over several tips to understand if going to pre-med is the best idea for you.

1 – What exactly is pre-med?

Think of pre-med as a preparatory school for people that will be going on to medical school. Pre-med is not a major and is a school unto itself so you’ll need to pick a major, or concentration, to focus on.

That aspect is no different than getting a bachelor degree that is specific and then going to get your masters degree in a related major afterwards. You don’t have to go to pre-med to get into medical school, but if you have a solid idea of the direction that you want to take towards becoming a doctor, then this is a good time to choose your major.

You can even skip medical school entirely if you decide that you don’t actually want to become a doctor. For instance, with a pre-med degree you can get into such as a forensic science technician.

Pick the program that is going to offer the major that best suits your needs as an Aruba pre med program is going to be different than others. 

2 – Get some experience

The medical field is not for everybody. Or, at least hospital or doctor work may not be. Which is why you should do some volunteering at a hospital before you apply to a pre-med school. Many people drop out of pre-med and medical school after they realize that they are not cut out for that line of work.

Though volunteering at a hospital is not the same as working in one, you can get a good sense of what it is like. The pace, the hours, the people you would likely work with are all on display when you are immersed in the hospital world. And you may find that you don’t care for it and should avoid doing pre-med and focusing elsewhere. 

3 – Meet with an advisor

As I mentioned, there are various paths to get to where you want to go so you should understand what all of the options are. Talk to an advisor to see what choice you have before committing. You may find that pre-med is not your best option and should instead go for a traditional bachelor degree.