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Men’s tungsten wedding bands come with sleek, modern styles and that too at pocket-friendly prices. Then, you might be wondering whether tungsten is the right choice for your big day? Fret not. In this article, we will walk you through the features, qualities, and benefits of tungsten carbide wedding ring for men. You will learn about the best styles, shopping tips, and characteristics of tungsten wedding rings for your prince charming. 

According to an article published in Forbes, Matt Hegel, when looking for his wedding ring, his focus was not clinching a great deal but to find an ideal style. Tungsten wedding bands for men offer the best style for your big day. Read on to learn more. 

1. Choosing the best tungsten carbide wedding rings

When it comes to first-rate tungsten carbide wedding bands for men, they’re made from jewelry-grade material and mixed using a nickel binder. Though nickel used in gold alloys may cause allergies, the nickel content in tungsten carbide rings is significantly low as well as bonded in a tight way to the other atoms to reduce the chances of allergies. It implies that you always pick out tungsten wedding bands for men that are safe on the skin. 

Again, tungsten carbide mixed with cobalt binders isn’t the best choice for wedding rings. Make sure you avoid this combination at all costs. Cobalt causes allergy as well as reacts with the skin oils to manifest permanent stain on the wedding ring. 

2. Look for jewelry-grade tungsten carbide

If you are looking for epic wedding bands, pick out jewelry-grade tungsten carbide rings for men. Look for the best quality that has little nickel and more carbon and tungsten. These wedding bands are usually high-priced compared to low-quality tungsten wedding bands. Then, you should not do penny-pinching when it comes to your wedding ring. 

When you are shopping around for men’s wedding bands, you will see a variety of prices when it comes to tungsten carbide rings, ranging from $10 to more than $500 for a designer look, rings studded with diamonds. 

3. Avoid black tungsten rings 

Though black looks classy, most of the black tungsten wedding rings are made using a plate on the natural tungsten, which is gray. Did you know any kind of plate would scratch with use even when the plate has little tungsten carbide components? 

That is the reason why the experts in the jewelry industry recommend you avoiding black tungsten wedding rings. However, there are some exceptions to the rule. These days, some jewelry bands are designing men’s wedding rings featuring a solid black inlay, which is completely scratchproof. Therefore, if you have a fondness for a tungsten carbide ring featuring a black inlay design, opt for the ones, which are fully scratch-free. You will need to choose scratchproof tungsten carbide rings with classic and solid black attributes. These wedding bands for men are safe to use and look great on your man. 


Now that you know what to look for in tungsten wedding bands for men, make an informed decision. Opt for the best quality for the big day.