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Writing Advice for College Students
For many parents advising their soon to be high school graduates seems overwhelming. It has been so many years since they have been to college that they feel unprepared to give advice. However there is something that all high school grads should think about before they apply to the four year colleges. Community colleges can be a great way to get education started off on the right foot. Here are some reasons to choose community college:

  1. More affordable – One of the main reasons I advise kids to choose community college for their first two years is because of how much money it will save them in the long run. Because many community colleges offer government grants and scholarships, most kids can spend little to no out of pocket cash on their education and might even come away with extra money. Not only are the classes cheaper, but the books are usually more affordable as well. When you are thinking about your future is it not best to plan to take as few student loans as possible. Even at a low interest rate they are still something that you will have to pay back. Avoiding student loans for the first two years of college can save you a lot of money and financial issues in the future.
  2. Quality education – The thing I love about community colleges is that they offer the same great quality education as the four year colleges, just at a more affordable price and a convenient location. I know that when I was in community college, after unfortunately getting myself into some loan debt first, I was shocked to learn that most of my teachers taught at private universities as well. You get the same great teachers and the same basic classes but at far lower prices. What is not to like?
  3. Smaller classes – Speaking of the same quality classes, many times community colleges offer smaller classes then large universities. That means you get more personal help and attention from your teachers and can actually ask questions in class. I know that many of the community college teachers were happy to offer tutoring times and stay after class help to students for free, which is not something you would normally come across in a university environment. What better person to help you study for the test than the one who made it?
  4. Offer hands on classes – If book learning is not your thing, then community classes also are valuable in that they offer hands on classes and training. Let’s face it, some kids just aren’t the sit still and listen type. They want to be moving and doing with their learning. Community colleges often offer programs that give kids practical jobs in the future. From firefighters to auto technicians to electricians, hands on classes may be the way to transition a talentless high school grad into a valuable member of productive society, and get him the job he needs to make a future.
  5. Close to home – When you think about going off to college it sounds like a good thing, at first. However some students might find it a little overwhelming to be fully in charge of their lives for the first time ever. Things like underage drinking, partying, and blowing off class are just a few of the risks involved in going off to school. However community colleges offer education that is close to home allowing kids the stability of their family while getting the education they need. They are also close to home in case of emergencies and can get help from friends and family if something should come up that is over their heads. I know when I was a freshman and I got sick, I had no idea where to go or what to do. If I had been at home I would have been able to see my family doctor, but on my own I was overwhelmed and confused.
  6. Housing options – Another additional element to community colleges being close to home is the fact that they have different housing options then traditional schools. Most traditional schools require that students live on campus dorms their freshman year. For some students that may be good, but for more private or anxious people this can be a nightmare. Avoid the hassle and live off campus at an affordable apartment with community college. Unlike university cities, community colleges typically have affordable housing nearby and public transportation to get to school. You can also save tons of money by living at home, where you will also be fed and clothed. It is a win-win!
  7. Offer more help – Community colleges offer more help than universities. Many students at community colleges want a job, and want one now. Thus the college offers employment help, job fairs, and even aptitude testing. Community colleges also employ many students to help them pay off their classes and they also offer help like tutoring and learning disability aide. Because the community colleges cater to a wide range of individuals they have a much more varied selection of help available than most traditional universities.
  8. Easy to get into – If your high school grad did not make the best grades or bombed the SATs, then community college may be just the choice for them. Community colleges are easy to get into and do not require a standard grade point average. In fact they are there to help kids who are struggling. By getting started on the right foot, even a difficult student can make a success in their first two years and be able to get into the school of their choice. The great thing about community college is that their grades wipe out your high school grades to some extent, so you can start with a clean slate.
  9. Easy to transfer –Speaking of a clean slate, did you know that it is much easier to get into a four year college as a Junior rather than a Freshman? They can see your college transcript and know that you have what it takes to make it in your school of choice. Most community college credits transfer over to in state schools with no problem, so finishing up your basics and transferring is a no brainer.
  10. Get a degree fast –The first two years of college are just your basics. They are about the same anywhere you go. Things like English, History and Math are typically all that are required. However when you go to a community college those first two years can earn you a degree, and fast. What is better than a paper saying that you have accomplished something? It is like a halfway reward card. Plus when you transfer you can just say you have an Associate’s degree and people will understand what classes you have taken right off the bat. This can be a great way to avoid hassles. Any way you look at it, getting a degree after your name is a good thing.

Attending community college is one of the smartest things I have ever done. I only wish someone had been around to tell me about it earlier before I wasted so much time and money on four year schools. I accomplished a lot in community college and it allowed me to attain degrees that I would have never thought of before. The quality of the education is right up there with any other university, even private ones, and the atmosphere is welcoming. Any high school student should be proud to go to community college for their first two years.
Author Bio: Ken Myers is the founder of & has learned over the years the importance of focusing on what the customer is looking for and literally serving it to them. He doesn’t try to create a need, instead he tries to satisfy the existing demand for information on products and services.
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