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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms on the Internet today. More and more people are falling in love with this platform primarily because it is one of the most convenient social media marketing channels for businesses to establish their brand presence on the Internet. It was launched in 2010 by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom. In the same year, it achieved a record of getting 10 million downloads in one year. Its major competitors are Snapchat. Pinterest, Hipstamatic, and Mobli.

The creative social media platform

Instagram is famous today primarily because it is a creative platform. You can take photos of your business products and upload it online for your targeted audience to see. On the social media arena, if you are looking for customer engagement, you will find that Instagram tops the charts and is in second place on Facebook. Digital media experts say that engagement of users is very hard for you to measure. User engagement deploys many different factors like the number of post shares, post comments, its visibility and more. Engagement is said to be successful when you can connect with your immediate followers. There was a recent survey conducted in the USA where 2500 social media influencers were interviewed. They were mid-sized users of social media with daily engaged followers. They said that Instagram was inevitably the best platform for user engagement on social media. Surprisingly, Facebook only gathered the support of 18%.

The obvious question that comes to your mind is why Instagram is so popular with social media engagement. Given below are the top reasons laid down by experts-

  1. Functionality – Instagram is a mobile application, and when you are on the go, you can upload and make changes as you like. Another reason why Instagram is popular is its ease of use. There is a unique scroll feature that users love. This is why it is being used by businesses today as they can take photographs of their products and post them on Instagram instantly. The platform is known to be fast, and there are hardly any complicated posting features.

  2. Visual appeal – Instagram is known for its visual appeal. This is why it is popular over other social media platforms. Human beings get attached to photographs fast. This is why visual marketing is very popular these days. You can get a whole newsfeed in pictures now. This makes the post unique, creative and attractive. At the same time, there is a high degree of formality as the photos are reduced to a specific square format that makes the post look professional as well.

  3. Platform novelty – If you compare Instagram with Facebook and Twitter, you will find that it is very different and has a unique sense of novelty around it. The users here are mostly in the age group of 18 to 30 years. They are very vibrant and creative. This is why Instagram has a certain level of exuberance and energy that the other social media platforms lack.

  4. Audience – Instagram is not limited to one social function, unlike LinkedIn that is limited to professionals only. This is why when you market your business on Instagram you get free Instagram likes by people that are genuinely interested in your product. Like Twitter, you get public posts however your network is very tight. This helps you to maximize the user base and encourages people here for more interaction.

Does Instagram as a social media platform have any limitations?

Instagram is popular however to reduce spam; some users, in the beginning, may misunderstand it. First of all, you cannot insert any link in Instagram posts. You need to either insert the link back to your website in the bio or homepage. This helps your audience to track your page and purchase the product.

Instagram is a visual platform, and so here you should not use text to attract audiences to your brand. Use good quality images to make a statement and share them with your audience. If you are looking for conversations, Instagram is not the right social media platform for you to use. It is prudent to search for an alternative if you wish to trigger views, opinions, and debates for your brand.

Therefore, Instagram as a social media platform is effective only if you use images that have high resolution and make a statement. The platform is very simple for you to use and it can be effective for reaching out to a young targeted audience. Instagram is also known for its photo filters that enhance the original photo quality and make it appealing for people to come over and like your brand. These photos can be uploaded even when you are traveling, and they can be edited as and when you want to!