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We love twitter and are using it to reach elite educators and parents. Many of our blogs have highlighted twitter accounts that have a “Perfect” score.
We are always trying to improve our lists. Originally, we ranked accounts based on the number of followers. Some readers pointed out the flaw in this reasoning. Now we use tweetgrade to come up with our “perfect” accounts, however we have never used their rank. We will start to incorporate the overall rank slowly into our list. (We listed the rank of @mytowntutorsNW – it is pathetic!)
So here goes.
The Best: @tomwhitby – Prof of Education. Founder: #Edchat, The EDU PLN Ning, Linkedin group Technology-Using Professors et al. BLOG: My Island View Long Island, New York Tweet grade 100/100 Rank: 21,868 / 13.7M
We recently shared a blog about Tom that might better explain his excellence in Education: Tom Whitby: A 21st Century Education Thought Leader.
The Worst: @mytowntutorsNW – The unofficial worst twitter account in the world. We do not tweet, we do not follow, we have no image. We are useless….. for NOW! Stay tuned! Who Cares? Tweet grade 10/100 Rank: 12.3 M / 13.7M
To learn more about this challenged account read: The Worst Twitter Account in the WORLD is @mytowntutorsNW Tweet grade 10/100 Rank: 12.3 M / 13.7M