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Are you looking for the best android tablets tutoring apps? The student days were indeed the best, yet challenging days. Those days were filled with never ending homework, extracurricular activities and studying hard for exams. This was a lot of pressure. Fortunately, we don’t live in that age anymore. In today’s world, there are many apps that can help you study and turn your weakness into your strengths. In this article, we have highlighted the best tutoring apps with live interaction.

Read further to know the best cheap tablets tutoring apps.


One of the best Android tablets online tutoring app is Wyzant. It is designed to help the students interact with tutors. It allows you to find a tutor for any subject within few minutes. This app enables you to ask questions from any instructor that you choose. You can talk to them before to determine whether they are the perfect fit or not. The rates are on an hourly basis selected by the tutor.

Moreover, this is a great app because it has an A+ rating, according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It is considered as one of the easiest ways to find skilled tutors. There are 80,000 tutors and over 6 million are taught making it the most used tutoring app.

Varsity Tutors

Another best android tablets app for tutoring is varsity tutors. This app provides educational resources to students. These include flashcards, practice tests, quizzes etc. Students can find over 65 subjects on the app and tests of these subjects. What makes this app a great choice is the live help from the tutors. The total time of instructions has exceeded 2 million hours. Apart from this, through the tests, you can identify your weaknesses and strength. With the help of a tutor, you can turn your weakness into strengths. You can even challenge your friends and learn while enjoying. This app enables you to find a tutor that you think is great. If you didn’t like the tutor you can change, you can get either a free next session or full refund.


Yup is an instant tutoring app for 3 subjects, Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. So, if you have any problem in any of these subjects, you can take a picture. The problem will be answered by the live tutors immediately. The main purpose of creating this app was to make quality education available for everyone. It is one the best option as you don’t have to make an appointment with the tutor. The messaging feature of the app is great for students who are shy. All the tutors are skilled who help the students to understand the problem.


Another great tutoring app for best android tablets is YourTutor. It has been used by many thousands of students. This is a great app as you can submit your essays, assessments, and assignments. The tutor will send it back with a detailed feedback. You can even talk with the live tutor and they can answer all your questions.

Therefore, these apps will help you overcome any problem if you are living in a remote area. What do you think is the best app for tutoring? Let us know in the comments below.