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Top 100 Teachers on TwitterTop Education Blogs
We have some great blogs for teachers

As we try to connect with US educators as parents, we will continue identifying top accounts for teachers and parents. The accounts are ranked in the following order: educator of the week, teacher union accounts, PTA accounts, accounts with guest blogs, followers, and non-followers. Within each category, we list the accounts by the number of followers.
Current list of top teachers using social media by state!
Illinois teachers are great tutors!

  1. @vmcmurray (26,600 followers) Special education math teacher. Advocate for my students. Future queen of the world? Maybe… Chicago
  2. @stumpteacher (20,400 followers) Father, husband, 6th grade SS/LA teacher, tech enthusiast, 2012 IL teacher of the year and aspiring Jedi. suburban chicago ·
  3. @principalspage (17,815 followers) Superintendent, Self-Proclaimed Author of #1 Read Superintendent Blog in the World, Google Certified Administrator, Speaker, Tuscola, Illinois · Post: Michael Smith: Educator of the Week
  4. @mytowntutors (7,491 followers) Illinois teachers are GREAT tutors! We connect parents with local teachers who tutor. Teachers keep 100% of fees. FREE to search.
  5. @ShawnMcCusker (7,100 followers) #1to1techat Creator and Co-leader, #EdCampSS and #EdCampChicago organizer history teacher & consultant. Teaching is who I am, not just what I do. #sschat. Illinois ·
  6. @iftaft (3,700 followers) The IFT represents 103,000 teachers and PSRPs throughout Illinois, faculty and staff at community colleges and universities, public employees and retirees. Illinois ·
  7. @ieanea (3,350 followers) Illinois Education Association, education news, advocacy, fair funding. Illinois.
  8. @iftdc (687 followers) I am a Legislative Director for the Illinois Federation of Teachers. Springfield, IL