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We have some great blogs for teachers

Our most popular posts have been our list of “perfect” educators to follow. It was easy for us because the only requirement was that the account receive a perfect score of 100 / 100 from tweet grader. We would plug in the account and if it scored 100 / 100, we listed the account with the twitter name and the twitter profile.
Unfortunately, Hubspot no longer offers this twitter analysis. The tweet grader page does not exist. So we ended our list with “160 Perfect” educators.
When we started our list @mytowntutors did not score 100%, however we are proud of connections we using social media and over time we did achieve the perfect score. It is an honor to be included in this impressive list of educational resources.
@mytowntutors “Teachers are GREAT tutors! We connect parents with local teachers who tutor. Teachers keep 100% of fees. Boston, Massachusetts and USA ·
Below are a list of educators that we feel connected educators around the world should follow. Current list of top teachers using social media by state!
Connecticut Educators. Ranked by number of followers!

  1. @ceanews (1,230 followers) CEA is the largest advocate for public education in Connecticut. Our 43,000 members include K-12 public school teachers, retired teachers & college students. Hartford, CT.
  2. @AFTCT (1,001 followers) AFT Connecticut is a #union of more than 29,000 professionals in PreK-12 education, higher education, healthcare and municipal and state government. Connecticut ·
  3. @mytowntutors (7,250 followers) Teachers are GREAT tutors! We connect parents with local teachers who tutor. Teachers keep 100% of fees. Boston, Massachusetts and USA ·
  4. @jonathanpelto (2,133 followers) Blogger (Wait, What?), Advocate Journalist, Pro-Public Education fighter, communications strategist, political and policy activist CT ·
  5. @stemnetwork (2,124 followers) A STEM teacher and ed tech enthusiast trying to organize the best STEM resources on twitter as a part of his PLN. Twitter guy at GEF! Views are my own. Stamford, CT ·
  6. @SPSSuper (1,575 followers) Superintendent of Schools. Stamford, CT
  7. @NeagSchool (1,175 followers) Neag School of Education @ UConn prepares educators, educational leaders, and sport management professionals, whose mission is to make a difference.
  8. @WillyB (1,760 followers) I teach. I learn. I love. EdCampCT co-organizer. Science teacher who’s down with the Modeling Instruction & SBG.
  9. @ongoingly (973 followers) An Art teacher Interested in creativity in education & creating public school equity. Beyond that, I am busy w/ #voiceover, reading, dogs,ghosts, music, trees. Bethel, CT ·
  10. @mikeheth (858 followers) Dad, husband, math teacher (Grade 8 – Algebra 1), dog-lover, ex-engineer, who enjoys travel, music, history, technology, baseball and Springsteen. South Glastonbury, CT
  11. @TFAConnecticut (560 followers) One day, all children in this nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.
  12. @Wlecker (500 followers)
  13. @StamAdvoSchools (473 followers) All your education and school-related Tweets from the Stamford Advocate. Got a tip? Email Stamford, CT.
  14. @carrichip (320 followers) Presidential Awardee for Secondary Math; Former Einstein Fellow; Former Math Teacher; Doctoral Candidate; Director for School Improvement/PD – Secondary. Connecticut
  15. @SpringdalSchool (229 followers) Passionate supporter of public education, reform by educators not corporations, instructional leader, devoted wife, mother of two, great cook, Steelers Fan. Stamford, CT ·
  16. @Keyrapuff (71 followers) Hartford Public School Teacher