Education is an investment, but what all needs to be taken into consideration when earning a Bachelor of Communication Degree online these days? We can assure you that the process has had to evolve with an evolving world, so it would be nothing like your parents have studied, and everything to do with strategic brand establishment through the savvy use of the most powerful communication tools we have available today; applications, social media, and blogging. 

Which University has the best accreditation concerning their online coursework? You can then get hired at one of the Bailey Brand jobs available. Join us as we list the top 5 Universities which offer Communication Degree Programs which hold their weight in the communication career field are 100% online:

1.Maryville University

This private college ranks among Forbes’ “America’s top colleges” and equips individuals with a curriculum that empowers them to become digital strategists in the marketing field, an attractive portfolio, and the opportunity to intern at a top company upon graduation.

Students have the choice between emerging media strategy or strategic communication, allowing the student diversity in their chosen path, as well as financial aid options to choose from. Read up on this blog post from Maryville University to see how they demonstrate their knowledge of approach to digital communication and branding. 

2.University of Florida

The University of Florida is offering a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts which enables its students to combine writing and speaking into a method of professional and influential presentation delivery. 

Student feedback has been positive regarding support, and they graduate with social media and commercial institution marketing know-how after their 4-year program.

3. Drexel University

This online Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication offered by Drexel University strives to qualify its students with technical communication, journalism, and public relations capabilities. This program sculpts students into communication specialists that can carry out the duties in a variety of professions within the industry through methodical coursework and structured assignments. 

Drexel’s online degree can be earned according to the student’s schedule; however, the program is designed to run in four 10-week terms throughout the academic year.

4. Canisius College

This college has seen 90% of its alumni landing jobs in the field of their major which covers three main industries, namely advertising and public relations, personal/interpersonal communication as well as media studies. 

Students have access to the most modern HD television, multimedia software and screening room to assist them with video editing and a designated internship director help students take on local work that they can add to their resume after graduating.

5. Perdue University

Perdue University is offering a Bachelor of Science in Communication that gives the student the control to line their major and minor electives to progress towards their desired career path in the industry. 

The Degree covers important topics such as human resources, technical communication, public relations, leadership and sales and develops the student’s command of the written and spoken word to be able to tackle digital media, conflict management as well as persuasion.