Math is a special brand of torture for some students. They just don’t get the concepts behind it. It is sort of like handing someone who only knows English a book written in Japanese. Not only are the letters unfamiliar, but the whole book is backwards!
The issue that older students especially have is that they missed out on the basics. They faked their understanding at some critical point in the past. Now, they are lost and just following directions without actually understanding how it works. The good thing is, this can be easily resolved.
What you have to do, as a tutor, is find out what they are missing. That may mean starting at the very simplest points. Maybe they missed the idea behind division or fractions. Maybe they don’t understand how decimal places work.
Maybe they just do not get the concept behind the letters and numbers being jumbled, or order of operation. Any of these crucial but simple foul ups can greatly affect their ability to learn the new concepts they need to.
Math builds on itself. It doesn’t matter if it is Algebra, Geometry, Calculus or Trigonometry. Everything starts with the basics and works its way up from there. Make sure your students have a firm foundation, and then work on their understanding. Anyone can follow directions, but only thorough understanding what they are doing will the students be real mathematicians.
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