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The world of finance is packed with a whole lot of career options. Before you choose a career in finance, it is important to realize this simple fact. Many are the students who toss themselves into finance without bothering to find out what they are in for. There are people who deal with lending and others deal with collecting. There are others who deal with management of the collected and lent funds. All these are activities that are involved in finance. Credit card companies are probably the biggest employers when it comes to finance related matters. They are second only to banks.

In a credit card company, you will be dealing with debts and lots of them. A credit card basically gives you a loan to spend up to a certain limit and then you pay at the end of the month. As a credit cardholder, it is your work to always maintain your account. You will have someone managing your account and reminding you that payments have to be made. In case you default on the payments, the account manager is tasked with the work of getting in touch with you and making sure that payments are made.

Credit account managers

An account manager position is probably one of the best paying jobs for anyone who wants to take up a job in a credit card company. This position will see you make a good amount of money and at the same time get to interact with people from all walks of life. If you love socializing with people, then this is a career option for you to consider. However, as with everything, terms and conditions apply.

For starters, it is your work to make sure that your account holders are making payments on time. It is up to you to notify an account holder that they should make payment into their account by a particular time and date. This will prevent the unfortunate incidences where a credit card does not have funds and the user wants to do some urgent shopping.

On top of that, it is also the work of the account manager to keep the credit cardholder informed of any changes. Does the company plan to offer cheaper credit card machine rates? Well, this will also be part of your work. Everything that is going to affect the usage of the credit card must be announced to the card users.

How much do you earn?

As a credit card account manager, you can earn quite a good amount of money every year. On average, account managers in credit companies earn about $64,000 per year. Considering the work that they do and their requirements for the job, this is quite some money.

Requirements for the job

Credit card companies will ask for different things when offering account manager jobs. What is most commonly asked for is a bachelor’s degree in finance or any related courses. If you have an advanced degree then you definitely stand a better chance in getting the job.

Author Bio: Matthew Crocker is a student advisor working with finance students. He is an expert on credit matters which he blogs about. To learn how to get cheaper credit card machine rates and related matters, visit his site.