The Draw and Write Journal from Lakeshore is a great skills booklet for elementary students.
The inside front cover offers some great advice for younger learners:
The Purposes of Writing:

  • To explain something
  • To express your feelings
  • To tell a fictional (not true) story
  • To tell a non-fictional (true) story about yourself or an event in your life
  • To describe a person, place, thing, or event
  • To convince a reader to believe your point of view

The Writing Process
1. Brainstorming

  • Think about what your would like to write about.
  • Collect information about topics that interest you.
  • Talk to other people about your ideas.

2. Drafting

  • Choose a specific topic.
  • Organize your ideas about this topic.
  • Write down your ideas to create a first draft.