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Funny Jokes for Each MonthJokes for Kids A – Z

The following is a list of same great retweets from very popular twitter accounts. We have listed the twitter account, the number of followers and the tweet. We hope to add more impressive accounts each week.

  1. @USAGym(240K followers) Liked the tweet: How long does it take for the #gymnast to get to practice?… A split second! @USAGym@BritGymnastics@MVPSportsJokes
  2. @Petco(182K followers) “What do call a cat in a blanket?… A purrrrito. #nationalburritoday@Petco#cats
  3. @grlldcheesetruk (84K followers) “Hey @grlldcheesetruk! When do they smother a burrito in cheese?… In best queso scenario. #nationalburritoday
  4. @PerdueChicken (35K followers) Retweet: #FF @PerdueChicken Why did the #Easter egg hide? … He was a little chicken! #moms #dads
  5. @lettucefunk (25K followers) retweet “Hey @lettucefunk! How do tacos say grace?… #Lettuce pray. #nationalburritoday
  6. @NEAQ(19K followers) Hey @NEAQ! What do penguins like to eat?… Brrrrrrrrritos. #nationalburritoday Reply: Har, har! As long as they’re capelin or smelt brrrrritos…
  7. @tortilla (14K followers) Reply: @SchoolJokesK_12 haha we’re loving the burrito jokes, you’ve made our morning!
  8. @CaboBobs(2K followers) “Where are the best burritos served?… In the gulp of #Mexico. #nationalburritoday@CaboBobs