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The following is a press release we would like to share!
Science Club for Girls Launches #STEMtoShine Matching Gift
Challenge: Triple the Impact!
CAMBRIDGE, November 9th, 2015 ­ ​Science Club for Girls (SCFG) is launching a
special opportunity to strengthen its work and mission of fostering excitement,
confidence and literacy in STEM for girls. During the campaign, taking place between
November 9th and December 9th, all donations to this “#STEMtoShine” campaign will
be tripled, thanks to a generous pledge of support from a foundation partner.
“We have an incredible opportunity through the Gustave and Valla Amsterdam
Foundation to match gifts to this campaign on a 3:1 basis,” said Lonsdale Koester,
Executive Director for Science Club for Girls. “If we’re successful in raising $5,000 for
the Junior Mentor Program through this campaign, the Amsterdam Foundation will
match with $15,000, and together that $20,000 fully funds the stipends for the junior
mentors next year.”
The Junior Mentor Program connects over 600 elementary and middle school girls with
90 near­peer teen role models who are excelling in STEM related areas. Each
semester, the girls explore different STEM topics together, including archaeology,
chemistry, engineering, environmental science, physics, astronomy, biology, anatomy
and more.
“It’s difficult when you’re a little girl to imagine your future self clearly if your role model
is decades older than you,” said Koester. “The imaginative leap is much easier to make,
and the relationship even more impactful, when that role model is a near peer, someone
who’s just a little bit older than yourself.”
Surrounding the Junior Mentor Program, SCFG provides other free, experiential
programs for girls in grades K­12 , all of which are distinguished by their fostering
meaningful interactions with women mentors in science, technology, engineering and
mathematics. Located in a city with some of the most influential and innovative
institutions across the STEM spectrum, Science Club for Girls is looking to the Boston
community – and beyond – to help make the #STEMtoShine campaign a great success.
To learn more about the Junior Mentor program and how to make a donation to the
#STEMtoShine campaign, please visit
About Science Club for Girls
Since its founding in 1994, Science Club for Girls (SCFG) has provided the very best in
girls­specific programming by connecting girls in grades K­12, especially those from
underrepresented groups, with female mentor­scientists through free science,
technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs in a fun, nurturing, interactive
environment. Our club­based model fosters both scientific thinking and sisterhood for
our youngest participants. Our teen leadership programs give girls the opportunity to be
role models, teach young children science, learn life skills, conduct science research in
applied settings, and explore careers in science and technology. Over 1,000 girls and
more than 200 mentors participate in SCFG programs in dozens of sites across five
communities in eastern Massachusetts (Boston, Cambridge, Lawrence, Brookline and
Newton). Visit to learn more about the organization.
Media Contacts:
Ashley Healy
Affectly PR for Science Club for Girls
Lonsdale Koester
Science Club for Girls