My Town Tutors is a website that connects parents with teachers who tutor. One of our teachers made $5,000 last year tutoring.
It is FREE for parents to search for a teacher in their area. Please help us find ONE MORE teacher who tutors!
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Twitter is a 2-way street. It is important to connect with other accounts and interact appropriately. It is also critical to develop strong relationships with accounts with similar interests.
My Town Tutors is national directory of teachers who tutor. We feel teachers are great tutors. We are looking to connect with teachers and parents so we can share our message.
We also are aggressively following with @mytowntutorsNY looking to connect with 1,000 followers in 100 days, so many of the accounts following us are associated with social media and SEO. Some have 6 figure followers, we hope some of their followers are teachers and parents.
Below is snap shot of how we have respond to “notifications” based on the following:

  1. Follows: The big question is “To Follow or to Not Follow?” Some factors we consider are interests (teachers, parents, education), following ratio, guest blog candidates, and twitter profile. This method works for us. We take a quick look, decide, then respond with a welcome. We do not follow accounts not in English.
  2. The Welcome: Our replies show our followers we are real and not a robot. We do schedule quite a bit of tweets with twuffer , but we also interact often. We will respond to most followers with a variety of tweets ranging from “Welcome!” to “You must follow this account! Great for #teachers #moms #dads #NYC!” You can see each tweet below. With each tweet, we try to remember the 5 Goals of a Tweet!

Below are the interactions.
@MarcGuberti 16 Year Old Teenager Entrepreneur, Author, Blogger, Speaker, #SocialMedia Enthusiast, Track Runner, Dog Lover. Scarsdale, NY ·
@MarcGuberti Amazing young man! Any interest in writing a guest blog for @mytowntutors about your story? We would love to share!
@Liberty92625 If you’re not living life on the edge, you’re taking up too much space. There is a fine line between Social Networking & wasting your life. Conservative. Newport Beach, California
@devenkblack NYC middle school teacher-librarian. If you expect simple answers to complicated questions you’re in the wrong place. The Bronx & Nyack, NY ·
@devenkblack Such an honor to be connected to a great #NYC #educator! Have a great week!
@JerikaEppel 2014-2015 MN #FCCLA State Treasurer ~ Big Stone Area Queen ~ Student Leader ~ #Leadership #Dedication #Creativity Ortonville, Minne’snow’ta
@JerikaEppel Welcome!

@LollyDaskal Dedicated to bringing Heart Based Leadership to organizations & individuals | Consultant | Coach | Speaker | Founder of #LeadFromWithin™ New York City

@LollyDaskal What an incredible honor! 730K Followers! Amazing account for #NYC#NY Thanks for connecting!
@Beriov Trombone player and music educator. I facilitate greatness. Parker, CO ·

@Beriov We love #music #teachers! Do you know any who give private lessons? We would love to help them
@8keith Web Strategies for Small Business. Life’s Good! Toronto ·
@8keith Honored to be connected!
@TedNguyen #Communications and #socialmedia #marketer #tweeting about #intersection of #news, #food, #luxury #travel, #adventure & other #updates that hopefully move you. Southern California, USA ·
@TedNguyen Holy Cow! What an incredible honor to be connected! 331K followers!!!!! We are humbled!
@LeadToday Improving the Sales Profession, Developing the Next Generation of Leaders, Not selling a thing on Twitter, only giving back. Minneapolis & Phoenix USA ·
@LeadToday Top media influencer! Over 550K followers! Honored to be connected!
@dattaniamit follows you Dad | Venture Capital | Leadership | Trying to help. London ·
@dattaniamit We love #dads! Thanks for connecting!
@mkaplanPMP follows you PMO Frameworks Expert. Creator of @SoftPMO Project Management Toolkit. Specialist in Portfolio, Program, & Project Management. @MorganStanley Alumni. New York City, NY ·
@mkaplanPMP Honored to be connected! Thanks!
@Sirjohn_writer Award Winning Novelist, master of the international romantic thriller, but still a crazy laid back beach guy … Florida ·
@Sirjohn_writer “Award Winning Novelist, master of the international romantic thriller, but still a crazy laid back beach guy” 56K followers
@carthagebuckley Stress and Performance Coaching for entrepreneurs, executives and ambitious professionals. Coaching Positive Performance. Ireland & Worldwide ·
@carthagebuckley Thanks for connecting! Any interest in writing a guest blog for us? We would love to share @mytowntutors!
@TameraDuthie Health, Wellness, Nutrition and Inspiration for Body, Mind and Soul – Love Yoga and Dance, especially Ballroom. Georgia ·…

@TameraDuthie Honored to be connected!
@EmploymentHero A radical new concept in virtual professional services which offers the ultimate online employment management platform for businesses of all sizes. Sydney ·
@EmploymentHero Interesting idea! Any interest in writing a guest blog for @mytowntutors?
@OnlineBizss Online Marketing and finance expert Since 1998. Canada · …
@OnlineBizss 345K followers. How can you go wrong following them? #SEO
@awakeningaimee eCommerce Entrepreneur Health Meditation Teacher Mom Wife of @kidsheartmd Medical Practice Manager Tech Travel Inspiration Eco Organic Food Fashion I Love You. Dallas, Texas ·
@awakeningaimee We love #texas #moms! Any interest in writing a guest blog for us? We would love to share @mytowntutors!
@CircusBootCamp Train like a Pro…Look like a Pro! Circuit training for ALL SKILL LEVELS! Extreme Circus Bootcamp Las Vegas is for you! 6280 South Valley View Blvd. ·
@CircusBootCamp Welcome! Thanks for connecting!
@AliceMartin8 A Marketing Muse. Ambitious- analytical to a fault. Generous, Creative & Strategic. #socialmedia. Arizona ·
@AliceMartin8 194K followers WOW!
@yochum Enterprise Technology Architect, #Scrum Master & Coach, #LAMP, #Foodie, #Wine Lover, Photographer, Geek. Brooklyn, NY ·
@yochum Honored! We love #NYC!
@shahzadkashi Owner/Managing director of MYK Auto Trader, Entrepreneur & Economist. Stockholm Sweden,& Japan ·
@shahzadkashi Glad to be connected! Impressive following! #SEO
@joshsurfdude Welcome! We love #teachers! Thanks for connecting!
@joshsurfdude Skillshare Teacher. San Clemente ·
@jdbloodstone Author of Think & Grow Balls!, Awaken the Balls Within, and The 10 Habits of Highly Ballsy People. Sugar-coater of powerful messages using metaphors. Boise, Idaho ·
Not Follow:
@Youth4431 ツイプロ 相互フォローかきく県 さしす仙台市
@MakeMoneyNow777 Learn Ways to Make Money online at Home
@PecPopPlayer The Terry Crews PecPop Player allows you to play your favorite music on your smartphone while Terry’s chest pops to the beat.
@PecPopPlayer Thanks for connecting!
@FlyingDreams Stunning aerial and acrobatic creations…and lots of fun too!. Las Vegas ·
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Honored to be connected! @ShirleenAlbino @ChrisRStricklin @Lindsay_mackie @fritzmt