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Guest Author: Sam Jones

Should You Hire a Handyman or a Contractor? What You Should Know Before Making a Choice

For doing the small jobs at home related to repair and maintenance, it makes sense to avail the services of a handyman who is equipped to handle it. It saves you from the hassles and the extra cost of hiring several people for doing the jobs because usually any handyman is like Jack, familiar with a variety of trades and can do complete justice to the job that you entrust him. Whether you want to replace a toilet, remove the dishwasher, paint the home inside out or make changes to the vanity and fixtures in the bathroom, you can turn to the repair person who knows the best ways of doing it.

After all, being trained to do all kinds of odd jobs that are not feasible for contractors to handle is the forte of any handyman.  It is up to you to make the best use of the resource to keep up with home maintenance. However, you should know about the abilities of the handyman and judge the size of the work to decide whether you should go to a contractor or any other person who can fix it like a handyman.

Limitations of handyman

Although the handyman may be an expert in doing many different types of household maintenance jobs, they are not in a position to do all kinds of works. A handyman may be restricted to work on some projects that require an exclusive license, and you must take note of it. Any specific work like electrical work or plumbing that belongs to the particular category is not suitable for allocating to a handyman.  Hiring a handyman for the wrong job could result in the financial liability of damages coming on to you.

Is the handyman different from a contractor?

There is no difference between a contractor who handles remodelling projects and a handyman in terms of abilities. However, the difference arises from the size and scope of work of the projects because contractors handle larger remodelling projects that take a longer time to complete and requires some proper coordination between different agencies at work. There is no problem in a handyman performing the jobs of a contractor provided he has the appropriate license for it. The license is usually applicable for performing electrical, plumbing and HVAC works.

More exposure, wider coverage

The handyman becomes an expert in due course, as he has to face a wide variety of challenges in daily work while handling small jobs.  Evaluate the task in hand to judge the size and scope before you decide on hiring a handyman. If the scope of work is little and the size small there is no reason why you should not call the handyman near you.

The most important aspect of hiring a handyman is that besides evaluating his abilities, you must also consider the kind of personality and behavior of the person. As you have to work closely with him, the working chemistry between the two must be satisfactory.  Depend on referrals for choosing a person of friendly nature who also understands his job well.