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About Sharplet: Sharplet, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, is a recently launched startup that specializes in helping people remember information longer. Sharplet utilizes the spaced repetition method and incorporates other findings from cognitive science. For more information, visit:
STOCKHOLM, Sweden (June 25, 2014) – Sharplet, a Swedish startup specializing in knowledge retention, has released a beta version of its software today. The platform gives students and anyone with a passion for learning the ability to study at a faster pace, and remember what they learn for much longer. Sharplet draws upon a wealth of cognitive research to deliver a technology that helps users learn more in less time. Users can sign up to Sharplet at and access the service as a web application. iPhone and Android apps will follow towards the end of 2014.

Sharplet courses are organized as ‘facts’ presented in flashcard format. A spaced repetition algorithm optimally schedules fact review times in response to how well users recall each fact. As users progress through the course, facts that are well known appear less frequently than less well known facts. Learning via the spaced repetition method is one of the fastest ways to transition knowledge into long-term memory. With the time users save it is possible to learn even more new information.

Users can select courses from a range of topics from Sharplet’s continually growing course store. If users cannot find the courses they seek they can easily create their own by means of a course creation tool. Currently, flashcard courses support images, text and embedded video such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Users can invite others to collaborate in building and studying both public courses and courses they’ve created themselves. This is of particular benefit to educators as they can create student study groups and monitor class and individual progress in an instant. They can also get insights into how best to improve courses in a prioritized manner.

“Sharplet plans on bringing a steady stream of innovation to the memory retention market. We are beginning with standard online flashcards but soon will expand into other areas that can benefit from using the spaced repetition method. Our mission is to help people supercharge their ability to remember,” Hosam Sherif, founder and CEO. “Having access to the worlds information via search engines is not enough, it is also important to remember key knowledge as this enables the possibility of combining concepts and seeing patterns in the world which are not possible when these facts have to be searched for.”

Anyone can sign up to Sharplet for free and take any of the existing free courses in the course store.

You can find out more from at

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