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A popular kickboxing-style martial art form, Muay Thai, involves kicks, knees, and elbows. During the fight, athletes must wear shin guards to protect their bones from bangs. The protective layer absorbs and disperses the impact of the blow, minimizing or eliminating injury risks. But how do you choose the right type of shin guard from so many varieties in the market? Finding the correct pair is crucial for comfort, durability, and protection. So, here are some points on this.

Choosing shin guards

Pick a snug-fit pair that comfortably settles on your shin bones, providing enough coverage for the leg from the foot to the kneecap. The shin guard should sit on your leg so you can use your kicks without feeling any movement restriction. It should stay in its place, not requiring any physical adjustment during the sparring. You can take leg measurements from the anklebone to the knee at the back to get the proper fit. It will give you a hint about the appropriate size of the shin guard. Once you know your size, finding shin guards online will be easy. Typically, someone with a narrow calf circumference will require a small-size guard. And if your calves are bulky, a larger fit will be more suitable.

Focus on padding, quality, and price when browsing options. High-end designs come with ample cushioning. Select stores that charge reasonably also. However, you must ensure the guard provides the required knee coverage before picking anything. You can select the length of this equipment based on your needs. But longer ones sitting just below the kneecap without restricting joint movements can be preferable. You will have easy movement in sparring sessions.

A few crucial points

Focus on the shin guard’s padding, which must be rigid with multiple foam layers. However, it should not make the surface so hard that an opponent’s explosive kick will break through the protective cover. When you look for options, wider defensive coverage will make more sense. They can be more bulky and weighty. But thinner padding will help you be agile with your kicks. The opponent will also get only a few opportunities to grab and hold your blows. However, injury risks will be higher with this.

Nevertheless, choose a shin guard that covers your foot well. Otherwise, the foot’s top bones will have many fractures. At the same time, it should be enough for your ankle protection. A shin guard is essential for Muay Thai and such sparring sessions. But work on your shins to gain strength and endurance. For this, you have to go through the process of shin conditioning. Practice kicking a heavy bag about 50 or 100 times daily. It will make your shin area stronger. Wearing a shin guard will be necessary if you do this at full speed. Otherwise, you can practice without any protection. As mentioned, you get many varieties on the market. Check them based on your training needs, size, material, and cost. Pick a trusted brand that specializes in the area of sports you play. They can offer you the right thing.