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(Saint Jokes)

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  1. Why did Saint Nicholas adopt the nickname of St. Nick?… No L.
  2. What did Saint Patrick say when he drove all the snakes out of Ireland?… “Everyone got seat belts on back there?”
  3. Seeing how it’s saint Patrick’s day there is only one band you should listen to… Green Day.
  4. If Cincinnati Bengals say ‘who dey’ and New Orleans saints say ‘who dat’, what does the Washington football team say?… New name,who dis?
  5. Why did Saint Peter call a podiatrist?… Because something was wrong with Heaven’s gait.
  6. Saint McDonald’s church of the holy… They have some of the best fryers is the world.
  7. Did you hear about a saint who trains animals?… He taught his dog to heal.
  8. Go to the dog shelter for a dog and you are a Saint…. Go to the women’s shelter for a new girlfriend and everyone loses their mind!!
  9. Who was the worst Saint?… Saint Anic.
  10. Am I the only one dying our kids’ food green this Saint Patrick’s Day… to acclimate them to eating expired foods a month from now in quarantine?
  11. Who is the patron saint of Pizza and Bread?… Jesus Crust.
  12. My girlfriend has the face of a saint… It’s a pity it’s St Bernard.
  13. My boyfriend has the face of a saint… It’s a pity it’s St Bernard.
  14. Who is the sweetest Saint in history?… St. Rawberry.