Less than one percent of people who apply for jobs end up getting hired. 

If you want to stand out from the crowd before you get to the interview stage, then you’ll need to make sure your resume is up to scratch.

If you’re sending out the same resume that you’ve been using for years, then you’re doing it all wrong. Your resume should be regularly updated to make sure that you’re selling yourself in the best possible light.

Take a look at our resume checklist to help you find ways to update yours.

1. Choose the Best Format

There are many ways that you can choose to lay out your resume.

Many people opt for chronological order, working through their educational history, followed by the places that they’ve worked and the roles that they’ve held. This might be good for some jobs, but for others, employers will be more concerned with your current skill set than how you did in high school.

Consider reverse chronological, or even a combination format, in which your employment history, achievements, and skills are all given equal prominence.

2. Make it more readable

If your resume is a struggle to read, then potential employers aren’t going to bother. 

Make sure that you use a decent sized font, and take care to use plenty of white space. There’s nothing more offputting than a wall of text. Use headings and sub-headings to break it into digestible chunks.

Avoid repeating information that’s already stated elsewhere. If you’ve shown a certain skill in one role, you don’t need to then show it again in another. The information should be clear, simple, and easy to find.

3. Design it for the Screen

It’s unlikely that anyone will ever look at a printed copy of your resume. Make sure that you’ve designed it for on-screen viewing.

Since you’re not constrained to the printed page, you can be more creative with your design and produce something that grabs their attention. If graphic design isn’t your strong suit then there are plenty of templates out there, such as these downloadable free resume templates from Adobe Spark.

You’ll be able to create a stunning resume in minutes.

4. Tailor it to the job

Don’t send the same resume out with every application.

It’s likely that some of the information on your resume won’t be relevant to every position you apply for. Cut out the bits that aren’t relevant to the role, and bulk up those areas that you think they’re most interested in.

Take a look at the job description and try to give examples of all the qualities that they’re looking for in the role.

Have You Found Our Resume Checklist Useful?

We hope that this resume checklist will be useful in helping you land the job you’ve always wanted.

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