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Letter of Appreciation Activity: Write it Forward
(An English teacher from Massachusetts was the inspiration for this activity.)
Writing letters is a lost art. It is extremely rare to receive a personal, hand-written letter. With a sincere effort, the recipient of your letter will appreciate the time, thought, and effort you invested in your writing. Each student will write one letter a month until the end of the year.
Hopefully, we will receive some positive feedback.
What you will need the day of writing. (This also is a great homework assignment.)

  1. PEN
  2. IPOD / listening device (if you choose)
  3. Paper

Letters will be mailed out on the first day of the activity. ALL LETTERS will be mailed from the school.
With each letter we will include an explanation of the assignment, a history of where the letter has been, a request for feedback, and a request for the person to write it forward. Can this work? We will know by the end of the year.
We will follow the format of the model letter.
Top line – Date, weather, time started.
The Letter – There are many different topics to write about in your letter.
Appreciation – The first focus should be appreciation. Write specifically about what you admire and appreciate in the individual. You should include a specific example or anecdote / story whenever possible. This should be the most moving part of your letter.
What’s going on? – This can include the events that are going on in your life such as work, school applications, family events, etc. Essentially write about what is going on in your life.
Questions – You can ask the person you are writing to questions about what is going on in their lives.
The Closing – Finish up the letter with an appropriate closing. You can reiterate what you appreciate about the person, write about how glad you are to have them in your life, or choose another option.  List the TIME OF COMPLETION after your signature.
Give your best effort and let’s what type of impact our letters can have on others this year.
Month #1 Responses
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