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While looking through property prices for sale Turkey may seem a great investment option, though you should not forget about insurance costs as well. Every owner of real estate located on the territory of the Republic of Turkey is obliged to take out DASK in case of an earthquake. If the owner seeks to protect his house and its contents from other cataclysms and external factors as much as possible, he can choose a pool with a wider coverage.

Let’s consider the topic of compulsory home insurance in Turkey in more detail: what is it, what documents are needed for this, how the cost is calculated. 


This type of insurance in Turkey is mandatory by virtue of law No. 587, adopted in 1999 after the devastating earthquakes on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara. Two years later, the Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool (TCIP) was created. This policy is required when registering personal accounts for water, electricity, as well as when registering TAPU – property rights to real estate in the Cadastral Office. DASK must be taken out every year.

TCIP is a type of compulsory coverage that came to the fore after the Republic of Turkey was hit by an earthquake, which caused great losses.

The program is provided by Turkish government agencies and approved by the World Bank. In the event of damage to real estate from an earthquake and natural disasters caused by it: cataclysms, fires, landslides, etc., the policyholder is guaranteed to receive compensation payments. The losses are reimbursed by the state.

Registration and documents

There are two types of insurance on the territory of the Republic of Turkey:

  1. Mandatory – DASK. To apply for earthquake coverage in Turkey, citizens must provide:
  • passport;
  • a document of ownership – TAPU, which indicates the cadastral coordinates of the property – the number of the land plot and the area.

Based on these documents, coverage is issued to a citizen.

DASK covers expenses only in case of damage to the house from an earthquake.

  1. Voluntary – a pool with a wider coverage. Residential premises insurance compensates the property owner for losses in case of fire, earthquake, flood, theft, terrorist attacks, broken windows, etc.

Upon returning to their homeland, policyholders do not worry about abandoned apartments in Turkey. For example, a person has lost his keys and cannot get inside – you need to call a locksmith, and if a window is broken, you need to insert glass. In such cases, it is enough to call the employees of the insurance company, who resolve issues according to the coverage of your policy.

The cost of real estate insurance

The basis for calculating the insurance premium is the area of the real estate. In the event of an earthquake, the state is obliged to pay compensation to the insured in accordance with the tariff stipulated in the contract.

Let’s take an example. The client draws up a residential premises insurance policy for a period of 1 year. The cost of the property itself is TRY 1,000,000, and things inside – TRY 150,000. The payment per year will be just over TRY 2,000 and will cover all cases: from an earthquake to a fire. And with additional mandatory earthquake insurance in the event of an accident of systems, damage to property, customers just need to call the company.

The cost of real estate and property coverage may vary depending on the region, district, age of the building, etc.

Basic coverage 

First of all, the main coverage of all policies extends to compensation for damage from a fire. Further guarantees follow. Associated additions and deductions may be made depending on the real estate and property situation.

Main types of coverage include:

  • Fire insurance. Compensation will be received by the owner if the fire caused damage to the facility and property. Since fire or smoke may be caused by an accidental explosion, it is advisable to include this risk in the policy.
  • Robbery insurance pool. In case of theft, the owner will certainly receive compensation.
  • Earthquake and volcanic eruption insurance. All losses resulting from these disasters are fully compensated.
  • Flood policy. In the event of an insured event, the damage will be compensated in full. Payments apply both to damaged property and to the garden and adjacent territory to the house, if any.

Of course, this is only a part of the main coverage, it is better to find out about the rest after your visit to the special company and choose the optimal coverage for yourself on the spot.

Real estate in Turkey

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