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Clean Jokes for Kids A-Z & Top School Jokes
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  1. Why is a traffic policeman the strongest man in the world?… Because, he can stop a 10 ton truck by holding up his hand!
  2. Why was the detective at the beach?… There was a crime wave! (Top Summer Jokes for Kids)
  3. Why wouldn’t the policeman come out from under the covers?… He was arresting!
  4. What did the police man said to his tummy?… You are under a vest!
  5. A state trooper was asked on an exam “What would you do if you had to arrest your own mother?” ANSWER:  “CALL FOR BACKUP!
  6. Did you hear about the kidnapping?…. He’s still sleeping!
  7. What kind of metal do they have at a police station?… copper! (101 Mole Day Jokes)
  8. Why did the policeman go to the baseball game?… Because he heard that someone had stolen a base! (Top Baseball Jokes)
  9. Why was the cop in bed?… Because he was an undercover cop!
  10. Which 4 letters frighten a thief?… O i c u! (26 Lessons for the Letter of the Week A- Z)
  11. What do you call a flying policeman?… A helicopper!
  12. A man was driving down the highway and he was pulled over by a policeman. The policeman said “You were driving 85 miles per hour.” The Driver: “Don’t be ridiculous” the man said, “I’ve only been driving twenty minutes”!
  13. What do you call fruit that commits egregious crimes?… a waterfelon. (Watermelon Jokes)
  14. The policeman said to the wig shopkeeper, “Sorry, we haven’t found your stolen wigs yet, but we have been combing the the area!”
  15. A police officer spots a car on the highway going about 22mph, so he stops the car, with a lady and some of her friends, and tells the lady how dangerous is to be going slow as it is to speed. The lady answers “Officer I was going the speed limit! 22mph!”The officer says… that is the highway #.. That’s what highway you’re on. But I need to ask you, are your friends okay, they seem a little shaken up and pale. The driver answers “Oh they’ll be fine in a couple of seconds, we just got off of highway 119.”
  16. There were three people named Trouble, Your Manners, and Be Quiet. One day Trouble fell into a hole. Your Manners and Be Quiet went to the police station for help. Your Manners waited outside and Be Quiet went inside. The front police officer asked: What is your name? BQ: Be Quiet. PO: Where are your manners? BQ: Outside. PO: Are you looking for trouble? BQ: Yes.
  17. Why did the police arrest the chef?… Because he was caught beating an egg! (Egg Jokes)
  18. Which jam does a policeman use on his bread?… Traffic jam!
  19. What are the pipes at the police station made of?… Copper! (101 Mole Day Jokes)
  20. Knock Knock!… Who’s there?… Police. Police who?… Police let us in; it’s cold out here. (Winter Jokes)
  21. What kind of treat do they feed prisoners ?… Jail- y donuts. (Donut Jokes)
  22. The police are looking for a thief with one eye… Why don’t the use both? (Biology Jokes)
  23. What is a detective’s ultimate car?… A track-tor! (Farming Jokes)
  24. What kind of jam does a policeman have in his sandwich?… A traffic jam!
  25. What’s a cop’s favorite food?… Corn on the cop! (Top Summer Jokes for Kids)
  26. What did the headlines say when the very short fortune teller escaped the police?… Small Medium at Large!”
  27. Why did the policeman have a blanket over himself?… He was working undercover!
  28. Policeman: Why are you driving without a license? Motorist: Because it was revoked months ago.
  29. Knock, knock… Who’s there?… Police. Police who?… Police stop telling these awful knock, knock jokes!