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If you are actively looking for a job, a high-quality resume will certainly come in handy. Of course, a list of your brilliant skills and previous jobs at Word will do just fine, especially if you’ve already established yourself in the market. Nevertheless, a stylish, informative and yet uncluttered CV will be a great advantage over other job seekers.

And most importantly, you can create such a resume for free in a few clicks.

We will consider in more detail what resume services online exist.

Checking the finished resume

The resume improvement service can be designed for various professionals. Upload your resume, and in a few days you will receive its edited version with comments from the HR expert and editor.

Resume Builder

The free resume builder offers tons of templates and customizations that are easy to use. Plus, here you will find ready-made CVs of many different specialists, and you can edit any in accordance with your experience, knowledge and skills. And the default sections can be renamed and swapped.

Constructor-designer resume

An excellent solution for the visual design of a resume. Several templates are available in the free version, which are selected depending on the chosen specialization, plus three fonts, colors and backgrounds. And in the paid Pro version – according to the creators of the service, you can create a resume in more than 1000 different designs.


The most creative of all services. A resume prepared here is guaranteed to attract the attention of a recruiter. There are so many free, unique templates and styles you won’t find anywhere else. Here, you can not only choose from hundreds of ready-made templates and fonts, but also customize the spacing between lines and paragraphs. The perfect solution for perfectionists and creative professionals!

Constructor-designer resume

Several free templates and several colors for each of them. What else is interesting here? Next to each skill or language you speak, you can indicate its degree or level. And in a separate section, you can talk about your personal qualities and hobbies.

Resume Designer

High quality and very easy to use service for creating CV. There are several templates available in the free version with the ability to add, delete and edit sections or details. Plus one interesting section in templates – favorite books. Who knows, maybe your potential employer loves the same writers and therefore decides to choose you.

Use resume services online and your resume will compare favorably with the gray mass.