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Over the next few weeks we will share some tips for helping a student remember the state capitals
Montgomery, Alabama (Find a Montgomery, Alabama tutor)

  • Mt. Gum Alabama (Mount Gum Alabama helps a student remember Montgomery.)
  • “Picture an enormous mountain of gum with an owl sitting on top, eating a banana. Owl + banana = Alabama. Mount + gum = Montgomery” Mrs. Jones Room

Juneau, Alaska (Find a Juneay, Alaska tutor)

  • “Juneau (Do you know) the capital of Alaska?”
  • Picture an Eskimo by his igloo, holding a calendar turned to June. He draws a big O on the calendar. Eskimo = Alaska. June + O = Juneau. Mrs. Jones Room

Phoenix, Arizona (Find a Phoenix, Arizona tutor)

  • Picture the mythological bird, the Phoenix, flying near the ozone layer. He can’t breathe and has to fly down to the air zone. Air + zone = Arizona. Phoenix = Phoenix. Mrs. Jones Room

Little Rock, Arkansas (Find a Little Rock, Arkansas tutor)

  • A Little Rock Arc. Picture Noah’s arc made of little, tiny rocks!
  • Picture an ark floating on the water. It is suddenly hit with thousands of little rocks. Ark = Arkansas. Little rocks = Little Rock. Mrs. Jones Room

Sacramento, California (Find a Sacramento, California tutor)
Denver, Colorado (Find a Denver, Colorado tutor)
Hartford, Connecticut (Find a Hartford, Connecticut tutor)

  1. Picture a heart connected to the back of a Ford car. Heart + Ford = Hartford. Connected = Connecticut

Dover, Delaware (Find a Dover, Delaware tutor)

  • Picture this: What did Della wear? She wore doe (female deer) fur. Della + wear = Delaware. Doe + fur = Dover.

Tallahassee, Florida (Find a Tallahassee, Florida tutor)

  • Picture a dog with a towel in his mouth mopping the floor. It’s Lassie! Floor = Florida. Towel + Lassie = Tallahassee.

Atlanta, Georgia (Find an Atlanta, Georgia tutor)

Honolulu, Hawaii (Find a Honolulu, Hawaii tutor)
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Children with Learning Disabilities Need Mnemonics

Augusta, Maine

  • Picture a lion with a long mane. A gust of wind is blowing his mane. Mane = Maine. A gust of = Augusta.

Annapolis, MarylandPicture a girl wanting to marry; she lands a groom with an apple on a fishing pole. Marry + land = Maryland. Apple + pole = Annapolis.
Boston, Massachusetts (Find a Boston, Massachusetts tutor)

  • Picture the boss of a fish store chewing a one-ton fish. Chew = Massachusetts. Boss + ton = Boston

Concord, New Hampshire

  • Picture the Concord jet landing in your backyard, driven by two hamsters! Hamsters = New Hampshire. Concord = Concord.

Trenton, New Jersey

  • Picture a football player buying a new jersey (shirt). Then, he puts a tent on top of the jersey. New jersey = New Jersey. Tent + on = Trenton.

Albany, New York

  • Picture the Empire State Building in New York, with animals jumping all around it. They are all bunnies. Empire State Building = New York. All + bunnies = Albany

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

  • Picture you have a giant pencil and you are drawing hairy burger. Pencil = Pennsylvania. Hairy + burger = Harrisburg.

Providence, Rhode Island

  1. Picture a teeny, tiny road on a teeny, tiny island. A pro-football player is running down the road with a dunce cap on his head. Road + island = Rhode Island. Pro + dunce = Providence.

Montpelier, Vermont

  • Picture you’re on a mountain of fur, that you are trying to peel off. Fur + mount = Vermont. Mount + peel = Montpelier.