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The peculiarities of the distance learning

We used to think about how to make a helpful lesson: how to plan it so we can do everything? How to explain a new topic intelligibly? How to work it out effectively? But no less attention should be paid to making the lesson enjoyable. No matter how much helpful material we prepare, the student will learn it much faster and better if he is involved. Here are some strategies you can use to engage any lesson and topic.

Organizing the whole class’s work during distance learning is another task for teachers! In Viber’s group, everything is confused, letters do not arrive in the mail, and writing a task for each student is too long. The solution is distance learning platforms, where you can easily organize distance learning for the whole class or several classes. It is easy to keep records. It is easy to give tasks; it is easy to check these tasks, and it is easy to create new content. In addition to lessons via videoconferencing, other learning formats can be provided – workshops, training, consultations with tutors, and a psychologist if desired.

You can visit website to check out several engaging ideas that can help kids learn more and be interactive for them to invest fully in their new gained knowledge.

The best digital solutions to organize the online learning process

Here are some proven tools that will allow you to take a lesson online, make a video recording and turn it into a real online learning product:

  • Trello is a flexible, visual tool for collaborative projects and task management. The interface is based on virtual boards. This tool helps divide tasks into certain types: planned and current. During the lesson, students can see what tasks they have done and what still needs to be completed. Trello easily adapts to projects, teams, and the learning process.
  • Padlet is designed to create and fill the content of a virtual board (space) with the ability to edit. This service can be called a platform for ideas, brainstorming, and more. If you compare the possibilities of a regular interactive whiteboard or paper with inscriptions and a virtual interactive whiteboard, where students working with it in the proposed task have the opportunity to see the results of other groups, immediately analyze them, and agree on controversial issues online.
  • LearningApps platform is one of the cloud services for the organization and support of educational processes and a free international open educational resource, which contains publicly available educational ready-made educational materials (tasks-modules; tests-modules) and a designer for the independent production of new interactive teaching materials from a variety of disciplines.
  • Moodle is one of the most well-known platforms for online learning. It is widely used by many higher and secondary education institutions, as it is an excellent assistant in the complex organization of distance learning.

Do you need to write an essay about online learning applications?

If you need to write an essay about how to create effective and engaging online lessons, you must first create a thesis. For example, it isn’t easy to imagine the educational process without online digital tools. Such application can greatly simplify learning and make it more productive. Then it would be best if you gave several arguments to confirm your thesis. In these cases, you can support your opinions with the help of the app examples that were given above.

Moreover, it is necessary to write concisely and clearly. The essay should not contain anything superfluous. It should collect only the required information to reveal the idea of the essay and the author’s position. Furthermore, the essay must have a clear compositional structure and be logical in structure. In an essay, as in any work, the internal logic must be traced, which is determined, on the one hand, by the author’s approach to the issue under discussion, and on the other – the issue itself. 

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