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No matter what level of education you are undergoing, taking notes during lessons is of the essence. Not only does this technique help you truly focus on what is going on in class, but it also helps you retain the information. It engages your mind and helps you digest large chunks of information into smaller, bite-sized, digestible pieces. 

However, is there anything worse than having to stare at endless pages of dull and monotonous notes? Ordinary notetaking may help you retain information in the moment, but it’s not the most pleasant way to study in the future. Some people are very visual learners, which means they must integrate colours, images, graphics, and maps to communicate or understand their thoughts and ideas. 

In this blog, we’ll be sharing six of our favourite techniques to give your boring lesson notes a new lease of life. Keep reading to find out how… 

Highlight the Essentials 

Highlighters are a great way to outline the most important parts of your notes. However, if you highlight the entire page, it doesn’t have the same effect. Be sparse with your highlighting and use different colours to keep it engaging. 

Draw Your Own Visuals 

If you’re an avid drawer, you can draw out your own graphs and diagrams. It can also help you retain the information. If you’re not the best at drawing, we still recommend you include plenty of images. Use a bg remover and copy these pictures to your notes to help you learn.  

Add Appealing Cover Pages 

More often than not, it helps having colourful and appealing cover pages to break up the different topics. This will help your brain remember which piece of information applies to which section. 

Invest in an iPad Pro 

If you prefer making your lesson notes on an electronic device, there’s no better option than an iPad Pro. You can connect this to a keyboard and type away or use the Apple Pencil to write out the information by hand. 

Pick a Color Scheme 

Our brains can recognise different colours and apply these to different sections of information. Not only this, but it also makes your lesson notes look much more appealing. Create a color scheme for different topics and integrate this throughout your notes. 

Print Out the Slides Before Class 

If you find you can’t write fast enough, it could be a good idea to print out the presentation slides before you attend class. This way, you only need to focus on what your teacher is saying. You could also record the lesson with your phone but always ask for permission first. 

Once you find a format that works for you, we guarantee you will be acing your note-taking skills and passing exams with flying colours. There are a wide range of methods you can employ to take notes. After you find the perfect match, it’s time to make them look as appealing as possible, so you’ll never feel reluctant to knuckle down and study away.