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The iPhone has many outstanding features that have attracted the attention of many buyers. But, did you know it has more to offer you than it seems? After all, it has many features that you would surely love if you come to know about them. These are mainly related to its functioning and also enhance the users’ convenience significantly.

Many users may not know about the specific keyboard techniques used on the iPhone. But, there are some of the best features that you will get with the device. Moreover, they are very easy to use and don’t require much effort to learn. So, the upcoming information can help you know more about these smart keyboard tricks. Moreover, we’ll also help you with how and where to use them.

Top 6 Keyboard Tricks and Tips to try on your iPhone

In order to use various tricks on your iPhone, you need to make sure it works properly. After all, various issues might show up with time. So, reach out to a reliable repair service, the UAE Technician, to fix all critical issues on your iPhone.

Using the iPhone keyboard is now easier than ever. But, you need to apply some tricks to make that happen. Here are some of the best ones worth trying out:

  1. Speed ​​up typing with text replacement

Have you ever heard about the text replacement feature in your iPhone? Many users have utilised it as a shortcut and hence faster typing. So, in case you’re wondering, it lets you use initial letters instead of a whole phrase. Now, you probably know this typing technique as it’s common nowadays. But, this feature comes with a little difference.

When sending a phrase, you can use the initials and still send the entire sentence. But, how does that work? You simply need to assign certain initials for the whole phrase. For example, try using “hru” for “how are you”. 

How do you assign these initials? In case you’re wondering, you can do it from the Settings. Open the General section, given at the top, and opt for the Keyboard. After that, open the section titled Text Replacement and find the option to add a shortcut.

Click it and enter the shortcut and the phrase in their respective fields. Then, save your changes before exiting the Settings, and you’re done. Now, you can try out the shortcut while texting. Also, you can follow these steps and create as many shortcuts as you want anytime. This is surely one of the best and most useful tricks you can try.

  1. Use one-handed operation with large screens

iPhones come in various sizes, like most other devices. You can easily operate the smaller ones with one hand. However, this does not apply to larger models that were recently released. If you try to use them with one hand, you may experience major to minor hassles. This happens especially when you try texting with your phone. However, Apple has included a solution for this in their devices.

You can now simply switch to the one-handed mode if you face such inconvenience. What does this setting do? In case you’re wondering, it makes the keyboard smaller for your convenience. So this allows you to type easily while holding the phone in one hand. Also, you can optimise it based on left-handed or right-handed users as needed.

How do you enable this feature? It’s quite simple — you need to bring up the keyboard first. Then, click and hold the globe icon that you see on it. You’ll see two keyboard icons aligned on each side and one in between. To use it with your left hand, select the icon on the left and vice-versa.

  1. Move the cursor by holding the Spacebar

Most smartphone users have probably experienced mistypes in their text messages or documents. In such cases, you need to correct these words and continue typing them. But, trying to move the cursor to the position you want is usually a cumbersome process. Regardless of the brand, you can encounter this issue on all devices. But, the latest version of iOS will give you a sigh of relief.

You can now use the touchpad mode on your iPhone as you do on laptops. For that, you simply need to press and hold the Spacebar while typing. That will activate the touchpad mode on your device. Then, you can move around your fingers to control the cursor instead of tapping. Haven’t you tried this useful feature yet? Then, you must, as it’ll make typing significantly easier.

  1. Shift key techniques  

All mobile users already know how to type capital letters on their devices. Moreover, you can do that in pretty much the same way on all devices regardless of the brand. Even the latest iPhone provides you with additional features. You can drag your finger from the Shift key to a letter if you want to type it in the capital form. Moreover, many users like this feature and use it while typing on their devices.

Apart from that, you can turn the Caps Lock the same way as you do on other devices. But, instead of double-clicking Shift, you can also simply hold it while typing the letters. So, that’s yet another keyboard trick that you might find worth knowing.

  1. Type numbers and punctuations with letter keys

Usually, you need to switch to the number keyboard on mobile devices to type numbers. But, the latest iOS system doesn’t make it necessary to do that. So, you can now type numbers using the alphabet keys. You’ll see numbers and punctuations given in grey above letters.

How do you type them? In case you’re wondering, you simply need to swipe down from the key. Doing that will input the number or punctuation instead of the alphabet. For example, you can also use the “Q” key to type “1” by swiping it down. Thus, this feature can enhance your flexibility while typing.

  1. Shake to clear misspelt text

Have you ended up mistyping a word while texting? In that case, you don’t have to click on the remove button to delete them. Instead, you can simply shake your iPhone. This feature is available in the latest iOS versions and is undoubted quite a convenient one.

Moreover, this feature is activated by default in your iPhone. So, you can try it out right now. Also, you can shake your phone again to bring back the text. Moreover, if you need to, you can disable this feature from the Touch settings, as well.


Shaking is not the only way to erase a text from the screen. You can also do it by swiping with three fingers across the screen. You can perform the same gesture again to bring back the text. Apart from that, you can also undo texts with double-tapping using your three fingers. Looking for more ways to achieve this task? Try single-tapping with your fingers. Now, that will bring up the options to cut, copy, paste, and undo and redo.


The tricks mentioned above will surely provide you with more convenience in using your iPhone keyboard. You can use all of them in the latest models. There are, of course, some more tricks that you can give a try apart from the ones you learned here. Also, we can expect the upcoming launches to offer more amazing features like these. So, give them a try.