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 Be Washington is a GREAT interactive created by the Mt. Vernon website. Students assume the role of George Washington and make decisions based on the information Washington received. There is closed caption so students can read along with actors and actresses. 

As always, a teacher should preview the activity prior to using with students. I am confident many U.S. History teachers will find this activity extremely useful. Students are completely engaged and there are many other activities that teachers can create based on Be Washington. 

The interactive has two different game modes, Host or Single Player option. I have found the host mode works best with a freshman history class. Teachers can adapt the activity to best fit the students needs. 

Step #1: Select A Game Mode

Single Player Game: “The single player game includes the complete scenario, advisors, and all-time results.”  This is a great option to assign the students the activity outside of class. 

Join a Game: This is the option the students will use when a teacher hosts a game. Be sure to display the class code so all the students can join. Be sure all students have joined before starting the activity. The website has a great tool that shows the number of students who have registered. 

Step #2: Pick a Scenario to Play I selected the The Newburgh Conspiracy. I hope to use some of the other activities later in the year. 

[Christopher Jackson] Welcome to the Be Washington Theater. Soon it will be you turn to test your leadership and decision making skills in a crisis General Washington faced during the Revolutionary War