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It is essential to acknowledge that students are already engaging and interested in using technology. Most students use technology nowadays to communicate with each other and learn about so many things. Teachers are finding it difficult to ignore the use of technology in the classroom. Technology creates various unique opportunities for teachers and learners to benefit from integrating it in the classrooms, making teaching and learning effective than the typical traditional methods.

Finding creative ways to liven up the classroom can make life easier for you as a teacher and boost your learners’ excitement levels and engagement during lessons. Here are a few proven ways to liven up your lessons if you are looking for ideas on using technology to enhance learning.

Gamify learning

Learning can be fun, and using technology and gamified learning in your classroom can help achieve that goal. You can start by creating a simple virtual scavenger hunt where you list simple questions for students to search and find the right answers. Group the students in pairs or groups to encourage them to work as a team.

2. Digital field trips
Taking digital trips is a sure way to liven up the classroom in a cost-effective way. Google Streetview and other similar apps allow students to explore forests, parks, and even international landmarks virtually while in the classroom. This will get your students excited to learn about a location like the Grand Canyon, and it will make it harder for them to forget.

3. Integrate social media

Most students nowadays own smartphones and other gadgets and spend time on social media. You can use this to your advantage by integrating social media and connecting your students to classroom resources and the curriculum. A good example is opening a Facebook page specifically for your students, where they can discuss topics. Students can also use Twitter hashtags to ask questions and discuss different topics.

4. Creating digital content

You can also create digital content related to the things your students are learning in class. This is the best way for your students to showcase their unique talents and improve engagement and learning interaction. Provide options for your students to express themselves and be creative through blogs, eBooks, podcasts, and videos. This will help them have an interest in learning, and they will flourish in their education and possibly continue with gamification after leaving your class.

5. Incorporating multimedia and video presentations into lessons

Bring classroom presentations to life by incorporating videos, photos, visual effects, and music into them. You can also have online guest speakers who can speak to the students through Zoom, Skype, or Facetime. Even developing digital presentations and slideshows are exciting and fun ways to liven up your classroom and boost engagement while teaching.

If the school can’t afford fancy equipment, you can use DVDs to present your lessons. You can burn the DVDs quickly, and there are simple ways online, which show you how to do it on Windows or any other software.

Integrating technology into classrooms spices it up and allows for more communication between teachers and learners and between the students, which is crucial to their academic