On twitter, #’s (hashtags) are used in communication. One of the most common is #FF.  There is a great blog explaining What does #FF mean?
@JonLJenMarc began a twitter journey on November 7, 2013 with ZERO followers. Before that day, they knew nothing about twitter or how it could help make connections with teachers in Massachusetts, America, and around the world.

In just 7 days @JonLJenMarc, attracted OVER 75 quality followers! Over the next several weeks, JonLJenMarc hopes to establish itself as a top resource on twitter for Massachusetts teachers!
During the 1st full Friday, August 15, 2013, @JonLJenMarc decided to share this blog with all of their followers with an #FF. It is a simple way of saying thanks for the 1st week and to let them know @JonLJenMarc appreciates appreciates the support.
To learn exactly how @JonLJenMarc gained so much success on twitter in such a brief period, please read the case study on how to use twitter.
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