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Author Bio: Cody Cassidy is a co-founder of Heartworks Books, a company based in Palo Alto, California dedicated to turning children’s artwork and words into beautiful coffee table books.  You can reach Cody at or visit the website at  Follow us on twitter at twitter/heartworksbooks.
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Summer is well underway and with it all the mayhem of camps, swimming lessons and birthday parities, throwing the little time you had for organizing out the window.  But if you’re like us your little one has spent the last year drawing self-portraits, painting (or perhaps despising) princesses, and scribbling elaborate creations of who knows what (ok check that, they sure do, just ask them).  So what to do with all this stuff in the little time you have?
How do we memorialize this precious time in their lives (and yours!) while recognizing your time constraints?
1. Write your child’s explanation of each of their drawings down on the back of the art. Their explanation can turn a normal piece of indecipherable art into a masterpiece that you can look back on and laugh at for years.  A normal looking cow becomes a “robber cow,” a picture of grandpa becomes “a picture of grandpa and his fuzzy whiskers”.
2. A clothesline with clips can turn a boring wall into a fantastic gallery that your child can be proud of. Children love to see their art displayed and it instills in them a tremendous amount of self-confidence.
3. Creating a book is our favorite idea! Ok, we’re admittedly biased on this one, but turning your favorite art pieces into a book is an easy and beautiful way to create a fantastic showpiece of your child that will last a lifetime.  The look on a child’s face when they receive their book and realize they are the published authors of a real book is priceless and its value will only go up as they grow older.
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But the bottom line? Cherish and display your child’s wonderful work so you can appreciate it and your lovely little one builds the self-confidence they need.