As an educator and the daughter of two teachers, I understand the importance of making sure every child receives the resources he or she needs to learn how to read.  Teaching in Washington Heights, Manhattan, I worked with English Language Learners, who struggled to learn English, and catch up with their native-born peers in reading and writing.  One of the best gifts I could give my students was moral support, so that their confidence wouldn’t waiver.
Since teaching, I have moved on to create documentaries and other media about education.  I am currently working on a project called Dyslexia-ville, with Academy Award winning filmmaker, Peggy Stern.  Peggy is dyslexic, and has created a vibrant, colorful, and engaging website for kids with dyslexia to: connect with one another, develop reading skills, and tune into a web series that we are producing just for them.
I wholeheartedly support this site, because I know it will be a safe haven, and launching pad to success for millions of struggling readers.  This virtual city on the web, will make kids feel that they are not alone as they tackle their dyslexia.
Peggy is coming to the end of an online fundraising campaign through a site called Kickstarter.  We have raised over $31,150 (amount on June 4, 2012) so far, but need to raise $60,000 by June 14th in order to meet our funding goal so we can make D-ville available to kids by next year.  If we don’t meet our goal, we won’t receive any of the money donated, so we are under some pressure, and time is of the essence.
The hardest part in raising money for this site has been directly reaching teachers and parents.  We feel that you are the ones who understand how important a site like D-ville will be to boost kids self esteem, and help them take ownership of their reading differences.
It is a huge thing to ask, but we are trying to rally 2,500 educators and parents to donate $10 to our fundraising campaign by June 14th.  Since we are a little behind in reaching our goal, and are hoping that you can help us get there.
By clicking this link, you will be taken to our Kickstarter site where you can view a video about our project, and see the fun prizes that we have designed to get kids excited about Dyslexia-ville.
You may also find us on Facebook:, and on Twitter: @dyslexiaville.
Please join our movement to improve the lives of struggling readers.  No child should feel that they are on this journey alone.
Mara Waldhorn
Guest Blog Post By Mara Waldhorn

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