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Writing Advice for College Students


When looking to become a certified teacher aid, you need the Certificate 3 Education Support course. With this course, you gain knowledge in comprehending learning difficulties, disabilities as well as the school curriculum for kindergarten students through to year 12. You will be competent in managing student behavior, and developing literacy and numeracy levels for each class. When you join institutions such as Adapt Education, you become a valuable member of your institution by ensuring that you have the right strategies for managing individuals and groups of students.

The study mode for the Certificate III course in education support is self paced. Therefore, you will not be subjected to stress of assessment, due dates or an inflexible class time table. In addition, the following is guaranteed once you undertake the course.

  • It is a nationally recognized course.

  • Students in all the Territories and States of Australia are eligible to enroll.

  • The trainer support is unlimited once you enroll for the course.

  • Furthermore, the numbers of courses is limited and the training is exceptional. For instance, with institutions such as Adapt Education, there was 99% student satisfaction in 2016.

To benefit from this course, all you require is to pay a fee of $400 upon enrolling. To complete the course, there are around 17 units that you should complete. There are some that are elective and others that are core courses.

Elective courses

You can choose two out of the following elective courses.

  • CHCEDS024: Entails strategies that enable you to support aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander education

  • CHCEDS012: You get strategies that allow you to manage small groups or individuals during the learning process.

  • CHCEDS032: Course used to implement responsible behavior

  • HLTAID003: Provides you with knowledge on first aid.

Core Courses

You must complete all these core courses to attain your Certificate III Education Support.

  • CHCECE006: Helps you in supporting the behavior of children as well as young people

  • CHCEDS001: This helps you comply with policy, legislative, and industrial requirements in the education sector.

  • CHCEDS007: Helps you learn how to work effectively with students as well as colleagues

  • CHCEDS016: Helps you manage students who have disabilities in the classroom

  • CHCEDS018: Assists you in managing students who have additional needs in your classroom

  • CHCEDS002: Aids you in enactment of planned education modules

  • CHCEDS003: Assists you in application of developmental domains for student  education

  • CHCDIV001: Helps you manage working with diverse individuals and groups

  • CHCEDS008: Allows you to comply with the school administrative requisite

  • CHCEDS004: Provides you with skills required for classroom management and organization of a student center

  • CHCEDS005: Helps you provide students with oral and literacy language skills

  • CHCEDS006: Assists you in provision of numeracy skills to students

  • CHCEDS017: Helps you manage the safety and health of your students

  • HLTWHS001: You get to participate in safety and health.

  • CHCDIV002:Promotes cultural safety by promoting Torres Strait Islander/ Aboriginal cultures

By joining institutions such as Adapt Education and enrolling for and completing these units, you are guaranteed to have attained your Certificate III in education support.