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What is pro wrestling?

One favorite approach is to consider pro wrestling like a soap opera; only that settlement of differences between parties is by going to town on each other in the ring. Usually, the two people fighting don’t fancy each other, or they are fighting to get the same thing, a championship title for instance.

Not always, but usually, one of the fighters will be a good guy whilst his opponent will be the bad one who tries to win by breaking all the rules. Winning a regular match is in four ways: submission, disqualification, pin fall or count out. However, winning a championship is only by submission or pin fall.

When watching on TV

The easiest way to understand wrestling is that it’s an infomercial aimed at promoting the pay-per-view monthlies. The programming on TV will be enjoyable, sure, but geared to lead up to what shall happen in the monthly big battle live show, aired on pay-per-view basis.

WWE programming has a four-corner boxing-like ring where fights take place. They have three brands – RAW, ECW and SmackDown – but all belong to the company whose owner is Vince McMahon. The programs and WWE news features lead towards the big monthly event.

On TV, the TNA ring has six sides. TNA is WWE’s competition, even though it exists relatively smaller. Its claim is that its focus is on actual wrestling rather than entertainment.

What is real?

The next thing you’ll want to know is how much of what you see is real. Most of the time, the owners of the show plan the moves and outcomes. The referee is a prop to communicate the owner’s wishes with wrestlers in the ring, for instance if they want a deviation from the planned finish or when the match needs to end.

Moves performed on the ring are extremely dangerous and one should not try them. The art of wrestling, if you’re interested to join, involves years of training and practice, and even then, we’ve seen real accidents occur on the ring, causing real injuries to the wrestlers.

How can I become a wrestler?

The first step, just as with building any other career is to have the passion and drive to succeed in it. Wrestling is an art form that takes years of training and patience to master and thrive in. The next step is to enroll yourself in a good wrestling school, of which there are plenty.

In the past, an air of mystery and secrecy covered wrestling schools, but this is no longer the case. Such schools have joined the mainstream world of competitive sports training and are now without number. However, not all of them are good to begin with, so you should be on the lookout to avoid throwing away your investment.

What am I looking for?

  • The school’s reputation – how many of its graduates have made a career in independent or pro wrestling?

  • How much experience does it have in working at main events and collecting money for a company/federation?

  • What does your investment actually get you?

  • What safety measures are there during the training? It’s no child’s play, people have died in poorly executed and premature moves

  • Will training for TV programming take place?

  • How often do you get to wrestle in a match?

  • What is the Coach’s educational and professional background?

  • Which major Promotion Company is the school affiliated to?