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If you are a people-oriented person, self motivated as well as passionate about technology, credit card processing jobs can suit you the best. Providing credit card processing services to merchants can be highly rewarding.

Create Few Credit Card Lead Sources: In the sales industry, you are always required to create your lead sources.  You can start thinking about sources from where you can obtain some important B2B leads. Create a list of additional services other than the credit card processing which are required by business owners. The business owners and their customers both can be excellent leads for you. You can also join local chamber of commerce and attend weekly meetings for creating network with professionals.

Design Sales Pitch: If your sales pitch is not provided by your employers, you should create one on your own. You are required to put yourself in the positions of merchants while designing your pitch. You can ask relevant questions about the business process of the merchants. Enquire about the average monthly sales volume, whether the merchant has any special needs, where generally he conducts his transactions etc. Make sure you are taking detailed notes of the entire conversation. If that particular merchant shows interest in designing custom solutions, you can compare his requirements and finally find an intelligent solution for your merchant.

Pitch Your Merchant: When you are ready with your pitch, just fix an appointment with your client. For discussing the solution, you may require 15-20 minutes of the merchant’s time. For positioning your product properly, you should be ready with visual aids prior to appointment. You will stay ahead of others if you can provide an entire range of solutions and not just a standalone service. While speaking you must not use jargons that are not understandable by them. It is always advisable to keep your pitch simple to help your clients obtain a clear vision about credit card processing services. You should pitch your service in such a manner that the merchant feels interested in moving forward with the transaction. If you have any doubts regarding the credit card processing solution, you may visit to know it in details.

Close Account: As soon as the merchant feels interested by your presentation, present a hard copy of application so that he can decide quickly. You can help him fill-up the entire form. If you require some other documents, just collect them from your merchant and provide him a deadline within which his service will be presented.

Follow Up With Your Clients: Just do not sit idle after you have successfully closed your credit card processing sale. As the particular merchant has become your client, you are required to focus on client retention now.  Always try to maintain positive relationship with him so that you can observe frequent commission in your accounts. If you can provide services beyond expectations to your clients, you can earn referrals from them automatically. If you can create a reputation of providing exceptional services, merchants will look for you instead of you looking for them.

Build Pipeline of Prospects: When you are taking care of multiple deals, you are actually creating a pipeline of prospects. Meet new people and grow your network to increase your income.

You can join service agent program where you will be equipped with required training and tools needed for credit card processing services. With proper training and confidence, you can ensure a bright career.

Author Bio: Derek Brown is a well known credit card processing sales agent. In this article, he is sharing some tips to the newcomers in this particular career of credit card processing sales.