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  1. What do you call a map guide to Alcatraz?… A con-tour map. (Visit a U.S. National Park / Work as a Park Ranger)
  2. “California geologists aren’t perfect, they have their (San Andres) faults.”
  3. What did the California say to the earthquake?… Hey, you crack me up!
  4. Where do you dance in California?… San Fran – disco!
  5. What is the nautical chart of the Pacific Ocean’s best pitch?… The depth curve. (Top Baseball Jokes)
  6. What did the Pacific Ocean say to the California shore?… Nothing, it just waved!
  7. Why did Cali phone ya (California)?… She called to say Hawhi ya (Hawaii)
  8. What city has lots of sand?… Sand Francisco! (Beach Jokes for Kids)