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Guest Author: Mark Cane

Are you looking for a worthwhile way to make some extra cash? Driving an Uber in your free time might just be the thing for you. Becoming an Uber driver is easy! The qualification process is quick and fairly simple for anyone with driving experience and a license.

Here are a few reasons why working with Uber is a better idea than driving traditional taxis:

  • Uber drivers get their payments on a weekly basis from the company based on the number of rides they complete.

  • Once you become an Uber driver, you can use your own car, or you can rent a car that qualifies for Uber rides.

  • You can always stick to your convenient hours and set your own schedule.

Thankfully, in most of the US cities, you do not need a commercial license to work with Uber. UberX is the basic level of service in the USA, and you surely do not need a CDL to qualify for it. However, when you begin applying for the job, you will have to mention whether the level of driver partner you have chosen needs a specific license class. Luxury vehicle services like Uber Black and Uber Select usually prefer a higher class of licenses.

How to become a driver with Uber?

Once you find out what the complete requirements are, you can start the application procedure. Of course, it can be a little daunting to judge all the elements by yourself and to find out if you meet all of them. In that case, you can visit your local UberGreenlight for a thorough inspection of your car.

Start by finding an Uber Driver application form online. You can get your vehicle inspection from a third-party expert from Uber as well. The background check with Uber does not miss any detail. You will need to submit your papers for a thorough background check. It is quite stringent in the USA since Uber wants to ensure complete safety for the passengers and the drivers as well. The company thoroughly scans the driving records of the applicants for DUI charges, involvement in accidents, criminal records, and incidents of reckless driving.

Once you complete all three steps, the online application process will allow you to move on to setting up your schedule and picking up your clients. Here are a few additional details Uber will need from you to help you start working with the team –

  • Your email address for receiving notifications and for verification purposes.

  • Your contact details (Uber provides a smartphone to each driver. In case, you want to use your own, Uber will help you sync it)

  • Account details so that the team can send the money to your account directly after you complete each trip.

Making money behind the wheels was never easier! Uber has brought the chance to students, part-timers, driving enthusiasts and money-seekers to make some serious cash on the road. Download the Uber Driver app and get ready to hit the city with your impressive driving skills.