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Design of the Abstract Annotations

What one should know about annotations of the abstract? Read on to find out.

Annotations and Design of the Abstract

On the last pages of the abstract, annotations are posted. The abstract should not exceed 2 pages of typewritten text (up to 5 thousand printed characters). It must include the information on the content and results of the dissertation work as well as 0.5 pages of typewritten text (up to 1200 printed characters) about the main ideas and conclusions of the dissertation. If you have no idea how to pull it off, experts at are ready to explain and assist. You can order an abstract to be written for you there.

Content of Annotations

Annotations include the following content:

  • Surname and initials of the applicant;

  • Title of the dissertation

  • Type of dissertation (manuscript, monograph) and degree;

  • Specialization (code and name);

  • The institution where the defense presentation will be held;

  • City, year;

  • Main ideas, results and conclusions of the dissertation.

The material in the annotations is presented briefly and precisely with the use of syntactic constructions inherent in the language of business documents, avoiding complicated grammatical turns. It is necessary to use standardized terminology, rather than uncommon terms and symbols.

After each annotation put the keywords in the corresponding language. A keyword is a word or a stable phrase from the annotation text, which in terms of information retrieval carries a semantic load. A set of keywords (a total of no less than three and no more than ten) should reflect outside the context the main content of the research work.

Design of the Abstract

Copies of the abstract, which the applicant submits to the specialized academic council together with other documents and dissertation are printed according to the rules established for the dissertation printing, taking into account certain features.

The abstract, excluding cover and annotation, cannot be less than one thirds of the author’s sheet or exceed 1.9 of the author’s sheet for the doctorate and, respectively, 0.7 and 0.9 of the author’s sheet for the master’s thesis when printing using 1.5 line spacing or single-spaced with the text in Microsoft Word on a computer that can accommodate from 40 to 44 lines per page.

The copyright sheet contains 40,000 characters, which includes letters, numbers, punctuation marks and spaces between words. The volume of illustrations in the author’s sheets is determined by their area (3 000 correspond to 1 author’s sheet).

The cover of the abstract is as follows: the name of the organization, the specialized academic council which received the dissertation for defense; Surname, Name, Patronymic of the applicant; Title of the thesis; The code and the name of the specialization; Subtitle “Abstract of the dissertation for the degree of a doctor (candidate) (branch of science)”; City, year.

The back cover of the author’s abstract lists an organization where a dissertation study is performed,degree, academic title, surname, name and patronymic of a supervisor and (or) consultant, place of work and position; Scientific degrees, academic rank, place of work and position, surname, name and patronymic of the official opponents; The name of the leading institution with the indication of the unit (department), where the dissertation will be delivered; The date and time of defense, the code of the specialized academic council, the address of the organization where it was created; A library in which you can get acquainted with the dissertation; Date of the abstract dispatch; Signature of the academic secretary of the specialized academic council.

Among the scholars, scientific advisers and opponents, it is not recommended to mention their membership in private (non-state) academies of sciences.

The abstract has no title page.

The page numbers are placed in the center at the top of the page. The numbering starts with the number 1 on the first page, which contains a general description of the work. Structural parts of the abstract are not numbered; their names are capitalized in the text.

Edition of the Abstract

The dissertation is produced by the printing method and issued in the form of a brochure with a circulation of 100 copies.

The format of the publication is 148×210 mm (paper size and sheet fraction 60×84/16) with the printing of the text on both sides of the sheet.

The abstract must specify the initial data of the printing house or other institution where the author’s abstract is printed, according to the state standard. The student is responsible for the availability of source data and the mandatory distribution of abstracts to the specialized academic council.

An electronic version of the text of the dissertation in two copies (floppy disk drives (FDD) in the size of 3.5 inches) is submitted to the specialized scientific council by a candidate for a scientific degree in the form of a file named asf.rtf, the structure of which completely corresponds to the printed version of the abstract, including the cover.

Mentioned the software accepts the aref.rtf file, written in Word 6 for Windows 3.x text editors or Word 7 for Windows 95, but not Word 8 for Windows 97: The code table of the latter does not coincide with the code spreadsheets of previous versions.

Figures, other supporting graphic images and materials in the electronic version of the abstract may be made only in the above formats. If this cannot be done, or such information does not fit on the floppy disk, then you cannot give it.