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The U.S economy is not fully out of the doldrums. With slackened growth in China and trouble in the EEC, among other issues, most sectors are projecting stagnation or slump. However, CNNMoney, National Realtors Association® (NRA) and MSN, among other economy watchers, reckon that the housing sector will not be affected by this volatile position.

Well, if you are an investor in real estate, the time to sell or buy is now, but there is one problem; selling without a realtor is arduous and getting a reliable one is even more daunting. As they say, you should make hay when the sun shines hence the time to make money in this market is now.

You just need to consider these factors once you start searching and you will be good to go:

  1. Search for Referrals

When looking for any services today, referrals and recommendations come in handy, and in no market is this more important than real estate. There are myriad sources to borrow recommendations from including your contractors, work colleagues, professional bodies and online reviews.

  1. Get a Local Realtor

However big a company is, there is no way they will ever understand the market if they do not have local networks. Take for instance if you are looking to sell or buy real estate in Stowe, Vermont, you need an agent who can quickly identify your preference, be it along West Hill Road, Robinson Springs, Moscow, Mansfield View or any other location.

  1. Check Reliability

If there is one grating thing about realtors today, it is the fact that most of them bite more than they can chew. As such, ask about your agent’s workload and ensure they are fully dedicated to your buy or sell.

  1. Look at Qualifications

There are varied areas in real estate and most professional bodies and colleges offer specialized training in such. For instance, an Accredited Buyer’s Representative will represent you aptly if you are looking to buy property in Stowe. Before signing any contract, ensure you understand which type of training your agent has undergone.

  1. Experience in the Local Market

Real estate in Lamoille County and the larger Vermont changes a lot and as such, you need an old hand in the industry who has seen it all. Such experts know where to look for the kind of property you are looking for as they know the areas like the palm of their hands. Looking for a condo in Sterling Valley? Then get a local agent who knows where to look for one.

  1. Assess Current Listings

Online listing is the easiest way of identifying a credible realtor. Their presentation firstly gives an impression of their seriousness while a wide range of property on their page proves they understand the market. It is also a good place to compare prices, neighbourhoods and other factors you are looking for in the property you want to buy.

  1. Licensing and Professional Affiliations

Before you start your initial consultation, ask for licensing and enquire if the agent belongs to any professional bodies. Such organizations include NAR, American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association (AREUEA) and National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB), among others.

It is also crucial to get clarification on payment structure as well as the timeline for the deal to be concluded.